how to apply for saint helena visa from nigeria

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Nigerians can Apply Saint Helena Visa from Nigeria at Touristvisaonline as the Process is Online so anyone can Apply from anywhere. Saint Helena is a must-visit place because of its Amazing Tourist Attractions like Castles, Forts, High Mountains, Stunning Natural Beauty, Culture, Rich History, and much more! The article will become very long if start talking about Saint Helena. Nigeria Nationals who wish to visit Saint Helena need to apply for a visa. The visa is a mandatory requirement for them. You will be allowed to enter only if you have a valid visa. In this article, you will find every bit of information regarding the visa. We will talk about Saint Helena visa from Nigeria in detail.


  1. Do Nigerians need a visa to visit Saint Helena?
  2. What Type Of Visa Can Nigerians Apply For?
  3. Is Saint Helena Safe For Nigerians?
  4. How To Apply For The Visa Online?

Saint Helena Visa from Nigeria:

1)Do Nigerians need a visa to visit Saint Helena?

Yes, Nigerians need to apply for the visa. Citizens of Nigeria are not eligible for the Visa-Free entry to Saint Helena. They also cannot get the Visa On Arrival service. They can apply for the e-Visa. The e-Visa is a great service that is available to all Nigerians. You need to fill the visa application form. In the form, you need to give your Personal Information, Passport Details, and Flight Details. Then you need to submit scanned documents. Give accurate and correct details in the visa application form. If the St Helena Visa Authorities find any wrong or misleading document they will reject your application. After giving all the details pay the visa fee. After verification of all your documents, you will receive the visa via mail.

2)What Type Of Visa Can Nigerians Apply For?

You can apply for any kind of visa which meets your travel requirements. Understand the reason for your visit to Saint Helena. According to that, you can apply for a visa. As said earlier they can apply for the e-Visa. If you are visiting for general purposes like for a vacation or meeting family members then apply for the Tourist Visa. Nigerians can apply for 90 Days Single Entry visa. If you wish to visit St Helena for multiple numbers of times then they can also apply for the Multiple-Entry Visa. The processing time of this visa is 15 - 20 Days. Working in St Helena is also a great thing for which you need to apply for the Work Permit.

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Is Saint Helena Safe For Nigerians?

Saint Helena is very safe to visit for Nigerians. Cases, where the tourists were harmed, are very rare. Women Travelers are also very safe and they are treated with respect. Most Importantly theft, kidnapping, violence, public drunkenness are also very rare. But, it does not mean that you should not worry about anything. Keep valuables in some safe place and avoid walking alone at night. Jamestown is very safe for walking at nights though.

How To Apply For The Visa Online?

Tourist Visa Online has been in this field for years and will provide you visa with less paperwork. The visa application form that we provide is very easy to fill. Your journey from Nigeria to Saint Helena will be very smooth if you apply for a visa through us. We provide 24x7 Customer Support. You can ask a question anytime you want and we will provide you immediate assistance. Our team will explain to you all the visa application process in detail. We provide accurate and updated visa information. Our experienced team of visa experts checks all your documents properly. They make sure there are no mistakes in your form. Even if there are any mistakes it will get corrected by our team. You can even track your visa status online. We provide secure online transactions and guarantee that you will receive the visa. You can avail of the Fast Forward Visa Service if you want a visa urgently. Through this service, you can get a visa in less than 48 hours.

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1)What currency does St Helena use?

Ans: The currency used is St Helena Pound. 1 Pound sterling equals 1.29 United States dollars.

2)What should be the passport validity to apply for the Saint Helena Visa?

Ans: Your passport should be valid for 6 months from the date of entry into St Helena.

3)Can Nigerians visit St Helena without a visa? 

Ans: No, Nigerians need to apply for a visa to visit St Helena. 

4)What language is spoken in St Helena?

Ans: The language in St Helena is English.

5)Do I need to apply for the e-Visa if I am transiting through St Helena?

Ans: No, you don’t need to apply for the visa if you are transiting through St Helena.

6)What is the meaning of the e-Visa?

Ans: The e-Visa is an electronic visa through which you can travel to St Helena. It was launched by the government to increase Tourism in St Helena. The Saint Helena visa from Nigeria allows the Nigerians to enter the country.

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