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Saint Helena is a remote island of the British overseas territory which is located in the East of Africa on the South Atlantic Ocean. Despite being a remote island the bountiful attraction Places of Saint Helena are none less than any popular tourist destination. Jamestown, the administrative capital of Saint Helena is famous for the delicious food and luxury hotels. Saint Helena is one of the renowned tourist destination islands of the world with over a million foreign nationalities visits the island every year to enjoy the scenic beauty of the places. The interesting history of the island and the exile of the famous military general Napoleon have attracted tourists the most. The attraction places of Saint Helena consist of the remarkable sight, mountains, water-fall, and fort. If you are planning a trip to Saint Helena then this trip is no doubt can be one of the most amazing tours of your life, it might look boastful but Saint Helena is truly an amazing place to visit. So, let’s explore some of the most tourist attractions Places of Saint Helena.

Here, Top 5 Attraction Places of Saint Helena:

Jacob’s Ladder:

Jacob’s ladder is one of the most tourist attractions Places in Saint Helena. Jacob’s ladder is constructed to conjoin the ground valley to a fort situated on the top of the hill. It has a total of 701 steps leading to the top of the hill. The view of the island and the sea from the top of the mountain is truly breathtaking and stunning. These ladders are built in the year 1829. The ladders are so well constructed from inch to inch with each stairs measures exactly 11 inches deep and 5 feet wide, it also has a railing on both sides. This place is not recommended for the unfit tourist as it can cause fatigue because a large number of the stairs are to be climbed to reach the destination. Jacob’s ladder is located in the Jamestown, capital of the Saint Helena.

The Saint Helena Museum:

The Saint Helena Museum is also famous tourist attraction Place of Saint Helena. This museum is situated in a vintage ware in the capital of Saint Helena. However, the museum is not so popular in the world but it has many objects and article to known about the rich history of the Island. The museum is a information hub of the lot of famous places and natural resources. Tourist curious to know about the history, culture and places of the Saint Helena Island must visit the Museum at least once. 


Remain open throughout the week from 11.00 to 13.00.

CLOSED - On Saturdays.

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Longwood House:

Longwood House is the last residence of the famous military general of French, Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon lived in this house from 1815 to 1821 till his death in exile. The house remains a popular attraction place of Saint Helena since then. The house of Napoleon is renovated but the object and material inside the house are well-furnished and untouched. The house is decorated with the personal belongings of Napoleon such as garments, letters, and plaque. The French government has been given the right to run the museum. Outside the museum is a small gift shop which sells interesting souvenirs and keeps the garden well-organized. If you are visiting Saint Helena then this is the place you must visit.  


Remain open throughout the week from 11.00 to 13.00.

CLOSED - On Saturdays.

Robert Louise Stenevson Museum:

Robert Louise Stenevson Museum is constructed in the memory of the great author Robert Louise Stevenson. He wrote many famous classic English Novels such as Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and many more. However, the museum is not that large but is adorned with the most interesting stuff. The article and objects of the Stenevson are kept in the museum in a public library for the tourist. Some rare manuscripts can be seen in the museum too. It is said that the famous author has spent most of his life in the small town of Napa Valley in Saint Helena. Robert Louise Stenevson Museum is located in Silverado.

Rhine House Mansion:

Vineyards of Rhine House Mansion are famous for the quality wine. It is the oldest vineyard of the Beringer, Napa Valley. Frederick and Jacob Beringer established this vineyard in the year 1876 since then it has remained a famous vineyard. Also, a wine tasting session happens in this vineyard. The Rhine Huse Mansion is the most famous tourist attraction places of Saint Helena.

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Q. Is it necessary to obtain a visa to visit the Saint Helena?

Yes, it is necessary to obtain a visa to visit the Saint Helena.

Q. What is the validity of the tourist visa of the Saint Helena Island?

Tourist visa of Saint Helena has the validity of 180 days.

Q. Can I get my tourist visa extended while staying in the Island?

No, it is not allowed for the foreign national to get their tourist visa extended.

Q. What the top 7 tourist attraction places of Saint Helena?

  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • The Saint Helena Museum
  • Longwood House
  • Rhine House Mansion
  • Robert Louise Stenevson Museum
  • Dive Saint Helena in Jamestown
  • Plantation House

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