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Ghana Nationals need to apply for a visa to visit Saint Helena. Ghana Nationals are not eligible for both the Visa-Free Entry and Visa On Arrival Service. The good thing here is they can apply for the e-Visa. Now, e-Visa is nothing but an electronic visa. You don't need to visit the Embassy to apply for this visa. As the entire visa application process is online The visa application is quite confusing. But, today we will discuss Saint Helena Visa For Ghana in detail. Everything regarding the visa application process would be discussed in simple language. After reading this article you won’t have any more doubts for sure. 


  1. What is the Saint Helena e-Visa Application Process?
  2. Is applying for an e-Visa Difficult?
  3. What Type Of Visa Can Ghana Nationals Apply For?
  4. Why Tourist Visa Online Is Best Place To Apply For The Visa?

Saint Helena Visa For Ghana:

1)What is the Saint Helena e-Visa Application Process?

Fill the visa application form online. In the form, you need to give Personal and Passport Details. Some questions regarding your Flight would also be asked. Generally, applications get rejected because applicants provide some incorrect or wrong documents. Don’t provide misleading information in the form. Because after submitting the form you cannot change anything in the form afterward. So, before submitting proofread the whole form and check if all the documents you provide are correct or not. Then you need to make the payment for the visa fee. The visa fee will differ depending upon the type of visa you apply for. After verification of all the documents, you will receive the visa via mail which you mentioned in the form.

2)Is applying for an e-Visa Difficult?

Applying for the e-Visa is not difficult at all. The form you will fill doesn’t take much time to fill. As everything is online it has become very convenient to apply for a visa. But, the problem is even after filling the form there is no guarantee that you will receive the St. Helena Visa. Tourist Visa Online guarantees that you will receive the visa with less paperwork. We are not making things in the Air! 2M+ applications have been processed with 99.9 percent success rates. All the documents you submit are checked by our experienced team of visa experts. Whatever mistake you have made while filling the form gets corrected by the visa team. We provide a very easy to fill the visa application form.

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What Type Of Visa Can Ghana Nationals Apply For?

There are mainly 5 Types of Saint Helena Visa: a)Tourist Visa b)Business Visa c)Short Term Entry Visa d)Long Term Entry Visa e)Work Permit. Now, to understand which visa is perfect for you simply answer this question: Why are you visiting Saint Helena? So, if you visiting to do some work then you can apply for the St Helena Work Permit. If you are visiting for vacation then you can apply for the Tourist Visa. Want to know more about these visas in detail? Then read our Saint Helena Visa Types Article. Now, for most of people, Tourist Visa would be the right option. As many people want to visit Saint Helena for Vacation Purpose Only. Citizens of Ghana can apply for the 90 Days Single Entry or Multiple Entry Visa. Meaning you can visit St Helena only for 90 Days. The St Helena Visa Fee for the Single Entry visa is 88.0 USD. For a Multiple Entry visa, it is 174.0 USD.

Why Tourist Visa Online Is Best Place To Apply For The Visa?

Tourist Visa Online provides user-friendly visa services using high technology techniques. We provide 24x7 Customer Support. Our team will understand your needs and then tell you which visa is perfect for you. We will tell you all the Necessary Visa Requirements and provide you with updated visa information. You can even track your visa status online through us easily. You just need your Application Number for checking your e-Visa status. Tourist Visa Online provides secure online transactions. 2M+ people have trusted us and have got their visa.

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1)Are Citizens of Ghana eligible for the e-Visa?

Ans:  According to the Saint Helena visa policy, Ghana Nationals can apply for the e-Visa.

2)Do I need to have confirmed Hotel Bookings to apply for the e-Visa?

Ans: Yes, you need to have confirmed Hotel Bookings and even Confirmed Air Tickets to apply for the e-Visa.

3)For how many months my visa should be valid for the e-Visa?

Ans: Your visa should be valid for 6 months from the date you enter into Saint Helena.

4)What is the processing time for the Tourist Visa?

Ans: The processing time is 15 - 20 Days.

5)Is applying for the visa a mandatory requirement for the Ghana Nationals?

Ans: Yes, Ghana Nationals compulsorily need to apply for the Saint Helena visa for Ghana. If you visit without a visa you won’t be allowed to enter. You would be sent back from where you have come. St Helena Government has allowed Citizens of Ghana to apply for the e-Visa.

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