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Do you want to visit Saint Helena? Which visa should I get for my visit to Saint Helena? What are the Saint Helena Visa types? Which will be the most suitable for me? If you have such questions that are disturbing you for a long time. You are in the right place where you will get the answer to each question. So it depends upon your purpose which will help you to choose a perfect visa for your visit to Saint Helena. There are different Saint Helena visa types for different purposes which you need to know before traveling to St Helena.

If you want to visit Saint Helena for tourism purposes then you will require a tourist visa on the other hand if you want to visit Saint Helena for some of your business work for meetings then you should be required to get a business visa. Which will help you to fulfill your final objective of the visit? Getting a visa is not at all a difficult job when it comes to applying online. What are you waiting for? You can apply for your Saint Helena visa online just by a simple click. Many things have changed in the process of applying for a Visa from the past many years. So If you are one of them who is not aware of the process don't worry we have a solution for every problem. 

Single entry tourist visa

A single-entry tourist visa of Saint Helena is issued to the foreign national for traveling across the island for tourism purposes. This visa is valid up to 180 days and allows you to travel across the island for 90 days which means that you can stay on the island for 90 days between your validity periods. 

Processing time

The processing time for the single entry tourist visa is 10 to 15 days.

Visa fees

The visa fee for the single entry tourist visa is 88 USD in addition to which you have to pay a 26 USD service fee.

Multiple entry tourist visas

A multiple-entry tourist visa is only issued to foreign nationals who are eligible to get an e-visa and who wish to visit Saint Helena to fulfill their Desire of exploring the island. Similarly to a single entry tourist visa, a multiple-entry tourist visa is also valid up to 180 days and facilitates you to stay in the nation for 90 days but the one benefit that you will get upon having this visa is you can leave an end to the island as many as times you want.

Processing time

You get your multiple-entry tourist visa in 10 to 15 business days.

Visa fees

You have to Pay 174 USD government fees in addition to which you have to pay a 26 USD service fee. 

Single-entry business visa

Generally, a single entry business visa is issued to foreigners who want to visit the island for some business-related work for a meeting. 

But as the name suggests, a single entry business visa will allow you to enter the Island only once. It means that if you exit the country once you cannot return to the island again even if your visa has a validity of 180 days. 

Processing time

A single entry business visa will take around 10 to 15 working days for processing.

Visa fees

124 USD is the amount you have to pay for getting your single entry business visa. Do not forget that a service fee of 26 USD or more can be charged when processing. 

Multiple entry business visas

Multiple entry business visas are issued to the Businessman who wants to enter and leave the country more than once for the sake of their business. any business in which you have to enter and leave the country more than once then you should choose a multiple-entry business visa because this is going to be the best suitable one, the validity period of multiple-entry business visas is 180 days and your Stay validity is 90 days.

Processing time 

Like other visa processing times for multiple-entry business, visas are 10-15 working days.

Visa fees

You have to pay 274 USD to obtain multiple-entry business visas of Saint Helena and you have to pay a service fee of 26 USD. 

Short term entry permit

A short term entry permit is issued to the foreign nationals who want to visit Saint Helena and want to stay for a minimum of 6 months. Different types of short term entry permit that you can obtain.

You can get your short term entry permit easily, you just require the documents. With the short term entry permit, you can work in Saint Helena. Getting a short term entry permit requires a valid visa for 6 months. but mainly you require medical insurance because of the many treatments that are not available on the island. 

Long term entry permit

If you have been planning to travel Santali an hour for more than 6 months then you should apply for Saint Helena long term entry permit because this will receive your money as well as your time to get the new visas again and again. So when you have such a great visa which can fit best for your visit. Long term entry permit you cannot work in Saint Helena.

Work Permit

A work permit is only issued with the purpose to facilitate the business and business-related activities in Saint Helena. You can apply for this visa if you have made your plans to work in Saint Helena for 6 months. 

With this kind of visa, you cannot Stay in Saint Helena for more than 6 months. 


As we have explained every visa type in detail there would be no confusion in your mind and you can select your visa type easily. To know what type of visa you require you should have a complete understanding of Saint Helena visa policy. Which will ensure that you are eligible to visit Saint Helena? After which you can choose your visa type. If still, you have any queries regarding Saint Helena Visa type.

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