how do i fill in thailand visa application form

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Thailand Visa application is an online form, which can be easily reached out in our official online portal Touristvisaonline. This form is similar to your bio-data which holds some of your important documents to Thailand visa application. With about 19 countries being able to apply for a Thailand visa, the application form is now available online on Thailand visa application process is pretty simple if you have all of the important documents kept ready and by hand. This application is done to get a visa at a faster rate than when you apply through an embassy. Let’s take a look at the steps and the information you need to provide.


  • Contents of Thailand visa application form

  • Steps for application

Contents of Thailand visa application form:

You will find the following content once you open the application form:

1. Given name:

This section requires you to fill in the name as and how it has been mentioned in the passport. If the name on the passport does not match the application form then the form will be considered invalid. You might also want to enter them in capital block letters to avoid any misspelling or any other mistakes, as this is the name that will be visible on the main visa document. 

2. Surname: 

You need to enter in the surname and how it has been mentioned in the passport details.

3. Father’s name:

Be sure that while giving your father’s name, give the full name and not just the initial name. Also, try not to put in the initials but to fill the whole name.

4. Mother’s name:

Give your mother’s full name as to how it has been mentioned in the proof documents.

5. Date of birth:

This section requires you to give the date of birth as mentioned on the passport.

6. National id no:

Give the national id number or social security number which proves the citizenship status.

7. Gender:

From the given options select the gender.

8. Marital status:

Provide the marital status from the options given.

9. Email id:

A registered working email id is to be provided which will be used for further contact regarding the visa information. You should also give an alternate email id so that if the previous one doesn’t work, this one will be used.

10. Dial code and phone number:

Based on the country give the dialing code and provide a valid mobile number on which you can be contacted through.

11. Profession and education:

Give details about which profession you are currently having and also the highest level of education until which you have studied.

12. Passport details:

Give the details like passport number, type, date of issue, and expiry. The date of arrival and date of departure information should also be given as this will be used to estimate the visa validity. 

13. Providing address:

Provide the current address you are living in and provide the postal code as well.

14. Document uploading:

An option will be given to upload all of the relevant documents requested. Be sure to upload them in the scanned format and meeting the requirements as without these there are chances your application might not be processed. You also have options to add any extra documents that are required to be uploaded as a proof of something. 

15. Add more applicants:

This button can be used when you need to add more than one applicant to the application form. It can be either 2 to 10 but cannot exceed beyond this number. So care should be taken as to how many applicants you will be applying for while filling in the application form. While adding an extra applicant you also need to provide the documents which will act as a proof of their identity. 

This completes the entire content of the application form. Now let’s take a look at how to complete the process of application.

Steps for application:

The following steps should be completed in order to finish the application process:

Step 1:

Enter the citizenship country. Like if you are applying for a Thailand visa from America, put the US as the citizenship country. While entering the country you can also check whether your nationality is eligible to access this visa.

Step 2:

Selecting the type of Thailand visa you want to apply for. You can select from the options which have been provided.

Step 3:

Completing the application form. With the contents being mentioned above, finish all of the entries especially the asterisk marked ones as they are the most important ones and cannot be skipped. Also do not forget to upload relevant documents.

Step 4:

Payment through an online secured method can be done through any of the choices like debit or credit. If the options are not visible then do not forget to contact the support number as they will help you get through this problem.

With these 4 steps in the order being fulfilled all you need to do is waiting for the verified visa document sent to you via the email address that has been registered. With the simple steps and procedures, you can easily tackle the Thailand visa application form within minutes!

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