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The tourism sector of Thailand is the major industry and has helped in the country's GDP. The government of Thailand promotes tourism in the country by using titles like Discover Thailand and another famous slogan they use is Explore Thailand. Tourists from Ghana also visit Thailand because of archeological sites, temples, Thai massage, heritage sites, etc.  Every foreigner including citizens of Ghana is required to apply for Thailand Visa first. To explore and discover the tourist places in Thailand. The Thailand Visa for Ghanaians is needed by every tourist, business, and Ghana citizen. 

Visa to Thailand for foreign nationals can be obtained by applying for Thailand e-Visa, Thailand visa-free entry, or Thailand embassy visa. Foreign nationals should apply for a Thailand visa according to their eligibility and nationality. Ghana passport holders need to acquire a Thailand embassy visa to get entry into the country. Currently, Ghana is not eligible to apply for Thailand e-Visa. 


Thailand embassy visa for Ghanaians

The embassy visa is also referred to as the Thailand counselor visa. At least 160 countries that are not eligible for e-Visa, have to obtain the Thailand embassy visa including Ghana Citizens. Tourists from Ghana can travel to the country with a Thailand tourist visa. Ghana will be allowed to visit Thailand for tourism reasons only. Ghana citizens can apply for a tourist visa to Thailand:

  • For vacations
  • To discover and visit tourist places in Thailand
  • To visit relatives residing in Thailand
  • To visit friends

Stay Validity

Tourists from Ghana can apply for a double-entry or single-entry Thailand tourist visa. Ghana citizens will be allowed to stay for 60 days in the country with a Thailand tourist visa. But the validity of a Thailand visa is in 90 days. There is an option available to extend your Thailand tourist visa, you have to apply for an extension. It can be extended from 7 days to a maximum of 30 days from the immigration office.

Visa fee- The Thailand tourist visa for foreign citizens is 200 USD.


Steps to apply for a Thailand visa from the embassy

  • Tourists applying for visa to Thailand need to visit the nearest government diplomatic office or the embassy in Ghana. 
  • To acquire visa Ghanaians have to arrange appointments.
  • Ghanaians have to submit the filled Thailand tourist visa form at the government diplomatic office of Thailand. 
  • Do not forget to add documents to your Thailand application form. 

Documents required for Thailand tourist visa for Ghanaians

There are some important documents Ghanaians must attach to obtain Thailand Visa:

  • Properly filled Thailand Visa form
  • Passport-  Ghana passport which should be valid for 6 months during your stay in Thailand. 
  • Photo-  Applicant colored photograph, the size of the photo should be 4*6 cm. 
  • Accommodation proof- Details of the hotel or accommodation details of the applicant.
  • Return tickets- Confirmed tickets
  • Financial proof- Tourist must have at least 20,000 baht (Thailand currency)
  • Visa fee

*Applicant should carry the filled Thailand Visa form and documents at the visa meeting.

 Thailand business visa from the embassy

The tourist visa will not be considered a valid document for business or works. Ghana passport holders who want to attend a business conference or extend their business to Thailand. The visa validity of Thailand's business will stay for 90 days. This short-term business visa of Thailand can also be upgraded into long term permit. The Thailand business visa is a non-immigrant type of visa and it is divided into two types. The non Immigrant visa can be acquired for conducting business. And it can also be acquired for employment or work reasons. The extension can be done from the Thailand immigration office.


Entry Requirements to Thailand for Ghanaians

  • A valid passport
  • A valid Thailand Visa
  • Return tickets
  • Sufficient funds
  • Health certificate
  • COVID 19 Requirements
  • COE- The COE is the Certificate of entry required for foreign nationals to get entry at the immigration points. Tourists traveling to Thailand from Ghana will require documents like a passport, approved visa, COVID 19 health insurance certificate, flight details, hotel details, and health certificate.
  • Declaration form
  • COVID 19 RT PCR test
  • Travel insurance certificate


Thailand Visa for Ghanaians can be obtained for tourism, work permit, or business reasons. Thailand Visa can be used for 60 days to live and explore the country. Tourists often visit Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Bangkok has several tourist spots including beaches, Buddhist temples, Islands, etc.

Apply Thailand Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

pplicants who are citizens of Ghana can apply for a Thailand visa from the embassy. Ghanaians have to visit the diplomatic office or embassy in person to obtain a visa to Thailand.

If you are planning to get employed in Thailand then you should apply for a Thailand B visa for employment. 

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