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Thailand also is known as Siam previously is a country that has always been an open country in terms of both tourism and business. Even with its high popularity a lot of people might not know about the Thailand visa for Chinese citizens! This visa is issued by Tourist Visa Online for all of the china nationals who wish to go to Thailand for various purposes. The purpose of the visit can vary from person to person. Some might go for a Thailand getaway while the others might go for a business meeting. No matter what the purpose is Thailand is the ultimate destination a person would love to go to!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does a Chinese passport holder need a Thailand visa?

A. A Chinese passport holder is not a citizen of Thailand and hence becomes a foreigner who will be entering Thailand. This means that any foreigner who wishes to enter Thailand must possess a visa. If a traveler does not hold a visa the entry will not be allowed and the entry will be considered invalid.

Q. Can a person from china take a visa through an online method?

A. A person from China is an eligible citizen who can apply for a Thailand visa through an online method. This validity can be checked by checking the Thailand visa policies which states which countries are eligible and which countries are not. 

Q. What is the price that a Chinese citizen will have to pay if they are planning to take a visa from Tourist visa Online?

A. If a Chinese citizen is considering taking a visa from Tourist visa online the fee applicable will be 50.0 USD and there will be an additional service fee of 26.0 USD.

Q. How many days will the visa that a Chinese person takes be valid for?

A. The Thailand visa a Chinese person takes will be valid for 15 days and this cannot be extended under any circumstances. The person will also have to pay a fine if overstay is done. 

Q. Is there assistance in the Chinese language available for a china citizen when applying for a visa through tourist visa online?

A. When a Chinese citizen applies for a Thailand visa through tourist visa online they can get assistance for the filling in of the form in their own language as there is assistance provided in about more than 12 languages which will ease the whole application process.

Q. Which format of the image is accepted at Tourist visa online?

A. It is recommended that the JPG/PNG/JPEG format is to be supplied while giving a passport-sized image for the visa application. However, we do accept various other types of formats and the editing will also be done. 

Q. What is the format that the verified Thailand visa will be delivered through the email address?

A. A Chinese citizen can get access to the Thailand visa in a PDF format that can be downloaded and printed to be shown at the border of Thailand.

Q. If a Chinese citizen has gone to Malaysia and now wishes to go to Thailand from Malaysia is it possible for him or her to get the Thailand visa issued?

  • Having an online application system leaves the worries away as the Chinese citizen can apply for a visa from anywhere in this world.
  • The only thing to be kept in mind is that the required documents should be ready which will assist in the form filling and the visa application process.
  • If the documents are not ready then there might be some problems that will be faced during the application.
  • The Chinese citizen should also mention the country you are currently living in like, for instance, the nationality will be china but the country in which the citizen is living would be Malaysia.
  • So while filling in the form the Chinese citizen applying for the visa needs to specify Malaysia as the country that he or she lives in. 

Q. What if a Chinese citizen has a passport that is valid for about 2 months but there are no pages left in the passport to get a stamp?

A. If a Chinese citizen has a passport which is valid for about 2 months but has no pages left will not have an option of entering the country as they will have to renew the passport as the rule states that there need to be at least 3 pages which will be empty in the passport. No following this will lead to rejection of the entry.

Q. Will a Chinese citizen get an insurance policy refund if the Thailand visa authorization gets denied?

A. A Chinese citizen need not worry about the insurance policy after travel authorization is denied as there will be a refund provided if something like that happens.

Tourist visa online is always there for Chinese citizens to get a worry-free journey with the Thailand visa for Chinese citizens in hand. You can now go to all of the getaway destinations you had planned in Thailand and enjoy them to the fullest.

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