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Do you wish to go from the Maldives to Thailand? Well, it is possible and is easier than ever due to the access of Thailand visas for Maldives passport holder by people who live in the Maldives. It really doesn’t matter if your plans were to roam around Thailand for 15 days or just have a quick meeting with your business partner, you can now access to this opportunity given by the government of Thailand. All of these wishes are now compiled to be fulfilled with just one document in your hand.


Q. I am a freelancer tourist who roams around the world and I’ll be going to Thailand from the Maldives soon will I need a Thailand visa to do so?

A. If you are a freelancer tourist and are a citizen of Maldives and are currently living in the Maldives then yes you are more than eligible for the Thailand visa. This is why you must not plan your trip if you have not yet thought about taking a visa.

Q. Which types of visa can a Maldives passport holder get on Tourist visa online?

A. A Maldives passport holder can apply for a single entry visa. This Thailand visa will have a validity of no more than 15 days. You should also keep in mind that this visa under any circumstances will not be allowed to be extended. Also, the rules for overstay are pretty strict and hence you need to make sure that you leave the country before the expiry of the visa.

Q. If there is a clear statement of the purpose of visit for a Maldives passport holder stated on the visa then will the people at the border ask about the purpose again?

A. As a part of the customs, the guards at the border tend to ask the tourists about the purpose of the visit to Thailand. If a Maldives passport holder is traveling from the Maldives to Thailand then there are chances that the person might be questioned about revealing their purpose of visit and as a tourist, it is the responsibility of the Maldives citizen to give an answer to it. If anything is found malicious in the reply of the tourist then there might be the denial of entry into Thailand.

Q. I have my grandmother living in Thailand and is a citizen of Maldives and she is quite sick, can a Maldives passport holder then get a visa in 2 days’ time?

A. If it is about an emergency then a Maldives citizen doesn’t really have to worry as we at Tourist visa online also provide an emergency service that you can avail to get the visa in 2 days. This visa, however, will have an additional cost of 200 USD to be filled as the service fee.

Q. Is there an application form available on tourist visa online to get the Thailand visa applied for a Maldives passport holder?

A. A Maldives passport holder can go the official website of tourist visa online through the link provided and can get an application form filled which is available on the site. This application form is for a 15-day single entry visa and it is quite simple hence you need not worry about the complications being faced.

Q. What if a Maldives citizen filling in an application form has some doubts regarding the process?

A. If a Maldives citizen has some doubts with regards to the process, that person can contact us at any time through the contact us service section on the main page. This section is active at all time and hence you whenever you feel like you are stuck while filling in of the application you can just give a call and it will be solved.

Q. Where can a Maldives citizen get their visa stamped onto the passport?

A. The visa that we at tourist visa online provide for a Maldives passport holder is just the digital copy and it needs to be printed out in order to be shown at the border. The visa can be stamped at about 48 checkpoints which are available in Thailand national and international airports. But a Maldives passport holder must make sure that the passport must contain a minimum of 3 pages which are void to enter the stamp. If not so then there might be some complications that you will have to face.

Q. I have a group of friends visiting me from India, and we are all planning to go from the Maldives to Thailand, will it be possible for me to apply for them as well?

A. While a Maldives passport holder can only apply for those who are in the country and are a citizen of Maldives. But you can definitely apply for them through another application form different than yours. As you are a Maldives citizen and a Maldives passport holder you will have a bit different criteria than those who are from India. If your friends who live in India are from the Maldives and are the citizens of the country then you may proceed to apply for them as well.

With these things being kept in mind, a Maldives citizen can easily gain access to Thailand visa for Maldives passport holder and go on with their purpose of travel easily!

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