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Having a Thailand visa for San Marino citizens is now pretty simple just because all you need to do is go through some questions and that’s it, it’s your visa! Still, thinking it’s hard to get a Thailand visa? Well, don’t worry this article will cover all your fears about having to go through some tedious tasks just to get this single piece of paper!

Thailand with its natural beauty is definitely a sight that people living in San Marino might not want to miss especially when the visa application has become quite easier than before!



Q. What is a Thailand visa for San Marino citizens?

A. A Thailand visa for San Marino citizens is provided to them for entering the kingdom of Thailand. While there is quite a bit of formality now to get a visa, there aren’t those many as there were in the past.

Q. Why was it hard to get a Thailand visa for San Marino passport holders in the past?

A. As easy as it may sound now, getting a Thailand visa was quite a difficult process especially for citizens of San Marino. The long paper works, the personal interviews, the quite long queues which needed at least 2 to 3 hours of waiting were all a part of the process. Even after these processes, there were some companies that might actually take you by surprise by asking for extra money for more processing details! Isn’t that a bit hard now! This is exactly why getting a visa was quite hardback in the times.

Q. How is it made easy for the citizens of San Marino to acquire a visa in the recent times?

A. In the recent times due to the introduction of online services by the government of Thailand through which about 19 countries can have access to the visa, San Marino being one of them has helped quite a lot of tourists to be attracted to Thailand. Not only this, but the online processes also might not need you to wait in queues or to even stay on the device for a long time. It’s all about some time from your schedule and the work will be done even within a day!

Q. Will this mean that within a day a San Marino citizen can have access to the Thailand visa which has been applied?

A. While applying for a visa by a San Marino citizen might only take a day, the entire process can go as long as for five to seven working days. This means getting the visa you applied for on the same day itself is not quite possible. Be it through an online process or through an offline process.

Q. Why it is that Tourist Visa online application form for Thailand visa is quite easy?

A. The fact that a San Marino citizen needs to spend only a few minutes to fill up the whole application form for Thailand visa by tourist visa online makes it one of the factors as to why it is quite easy. Apart from this, you can also have access to the service center at any time of the day or night if you want to and there are no limits for the calls or emails you need to send. This means no matter what sort of a doubt you have or a problem you have with the form you can always give a call or send in an email and the issue will be solved out for you.

Q. Are there some documents that will be needed to be sent in order to get a Thailand visa?

A. The Thailand visa application that you sent in through Tourist Visa Online as stated above is quite simple and hence you just need some of the necessary documents to be sent in order to get this visa. It’s not a long list so getting the documents ready is also not a big deal! The required documents are:

  • First and foremost a citizen of San Marino must-have is a passport that proves his or her identity and the passport can only be accepted if it has a validity of about 1 month. Without this, there might be some serious problems. Also, another thing to be kept in mind is the last three pages of the passport need to have space in which the visa can be stamped on.

  • The booked and confirmed ticket information would have to be provided in order to get the visa processed. 

  • A digital scan of the image and passport bio pages is a must while filling in the application form. 

  • Be it either a hotel booking or a sponsor’s address, any one of the two must be provided so that it is confirmed that you have a place to stay in Thailand when you get there.

With these documents, a San Marino citizen can easily get the Thailand visa issued under their name.

Do not forget that tourist visa online is always available for you and will support you in getting your Thailand visa for San Marino citizens in an easy way possible!

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