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With about 21 countries in the list of eligibility for a Thailand visa, Kazakhstan has also been mentioned among them. This means that Kazakhstan is now eligible for a Thailand visa for Kazakhstan citizens and can also apply for one through Tourist Visa Online. This means now a Kazakhstani person can also go ahead and enjoy their wonderful days in Thailand without worrying about their visa and the ways to apply for them!



Q. What is a Thailand visa for Kazakhstan citizens like?

A. A Thailand visa for Kazakhstan citizen is like a permit or a key to get into Thailand without having to go through questioning about identity and not getting doubted about where you are from. This also is like a document that ensures that your purpose of visit has been stated clearly.

Q. What will happen to a Kazakhstan citizen if he or she doesn’t have a Thailand visa before entering Thailand?

A. An entry for Kazakhstan citizens will no longer be permitted if he or she doesn’t have a Thailand visa. This Thailand visa is an important document and it also has to be authentic in order to get inside the country. A fake copy of the visa will never be accepted.

Q. Can a Kazakhstan citizen get a free visa to Thailand and if yes then from where can they obtain the visa?

A. As of now, there are no visas that can be obtained for free, and hence buying the visa for a Kazakhstani is the only option left. This visa is however available on and you can apply for them as an eligible citizen of the country.

Q. What are the charges that Tourist Visa Online will apply on a Kazakhstani who will apply for a Thailand visa?

A. A Kazakhstani applying for a Thailand visa will be charged an amount of 50.0 USD and there will be additional charges which are applied for the service which will be an amount of 26.0 USD. 

Q. Is it possible for a Kazakhstan citizen to gain access to the Thailand visa on the same day as the application?

A. As there are some rules that we need to follow during the whole application process there are no chances that a Kazakhstani can gain access to the visa on the same day as they apply. Also due to the verification and various other authentication processes, the time required is about 5 to 7 days that means it takes about a week or so to get the whole process done. This is why it is recommended for most of the Kazakhstani citizens to make sure they apply for a Thailand visa before a week or so.

Q. What if a Kazakhstan citizen has an emergency meeting in the next three days and needs to get to Thailand as soon as in 2 days, will he or she get a Thailand visa issued?

A. Apart from the standard processing of Thailand visas, we at tourist visa online also provide express services for those who are in emergency needs or need to reach a particular place at a given time. This express service through which Thailand visa can be available will take only 2 days of processing time and hence a Kazakhstani can gain access to these services with an additional service fee of 200 USD being applicable apart from the visa fee.

Q. What are the other visa options that a Kazakhstan citizen can apply for?

A. The types of visas can vary according to the purpose of visit to Thailand and hence a Kazakhstani must check what conditions are the best matching the purpose of the visit and then decide on the type they want. You can take a look at the various types of Thailand visa options available for an eligible national.  

Q. What does a Kazakhstan citizen require in order to access the Thailand visa?

A. For a Kazakhstan person to acquire a visa there are some conditions which are needed to be met. They can be stated as follows:

  • A digital copy of the flight ticket from Kazakhstan to Thailand and from Thailand to another place or back home is to be submitted.

  • A place in Thailand where the Kazakhstani will be living after reaching the destination.

  • A Kazakhstan passport which will have the details of the citizen and is valid for a period longer than a month.

  • A valid internet connection with a device that works on the internet.

  • The most important condition is that a person living in Kazakhstan does not mean that they are eligible for a Thailand visa; they need to ensure that they have the citizenship card or a social security number which identifies them as the Kazakhstan citizen. 

Once these conditions are met then a Kazakhstani can apply for a visa and go ahead with the vacationing.

This means now no more worries can take over a Kazakhstan citizen with the Thailand visa for Kazakhstan citizens being made so simple! You can now easily apply for a Thailand visa within a matter of minutes and without much wastage of time!

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