thailand visa for cyprus citizens a simple and easy process

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Citizens of Cyprus can now get access to Thailand visa. With the Thailand visa for Cyprus citizens, the Cypriots can apply for the visa without having to move out of their houses. With this online service being enabled, a lot of the tourists from Cyprus have initiated going to Thailand for both tourism and business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a Thailand visa necessary for a Cyprus citizen to go to Thailand?

A. Thailand visa is a sort of entry permit which is provided by its government to the outsiders who wish to visit Thailand. Hence a Thailand visa is important for a Cyprus citizen if they wish to enter Thailand. The visas are of various types and serve various purposes and hence choosing a visa that suits your convenience is also important.

Q. Why is it easy for Cyprus citizens to apply for a Thailand visa online?

A. Having internet at home and using it for visa application is totally beneficial for a Cyprus citizen as this can save both time and hassle of standing in long queues. Online application for Thailand visas can be done through various mediums and hence choosing your own trustable site is possible. 

Q. How is this Thailand visa issued for a Cyprus citizen?

A. A Cyprus citizen can apply for the visa through an online method before going to Thailand. This application will ask for some information that will then be added to your visa. After obtaining the required information, we, at Tourist Visa Online process the information provided and run a verification check with the document proof provided. After the verification, you will be able to get in touch with the visa through the email address given. You can get this visa stamped on your passport once you reach the border of Thailand.

Q. Is it possible for a Cypriot to obtain the visa in a matter of 3 days?

A. The normal processing time can take from 5 to 7 days. However, if the processing is done faster than expected then you can get access to the visa in 3 days. But it is usually advised to the people that the ones who wish to apply need to do so before a week’s time so that there are no complications while meeting the travel plans.

Q. Is the application form for the Thailand visa available for a Cyprus citizen for 24 hours?

A. A Cyprus citizen who wishes to apply for a Thailand visa can apply at any time as it will be available on the website 24/7. With the Thailand visa application being an easy one, you can easily complete the entire procedure within minutes.

Q. What if there are some complications for a Cyprus citizen while filling in the application form?

A. If a Cyprus citizen faces complications while filling in the application form, then they can call on the service helpline number +91 8178767972 which will be available all day long for the help you need.

Q. What are the requirements that a Cypriot needs to fulfill in order to get a Thailand visa?

A. A Cypriot needs to attain the following requirement in order to get a Thailand visa:

  • A Cyprus citizen passport which mentions the details of the citizen and proves the national should be submitted. The passport shall also be no less than 1 month valid. If the passport has a validity of greater than one month then no need to worry.

  • A sort of payment method which will be valid and can be used to pay the fee specified.

  • For communication purposes, a valid email address must be provided.

  • A size-specific passport-sized picture that clearly depicts the face of the Cyprus citizen applying for the Thailand visa. 

  • A strong internet connection with a device through which application form can be filled is a must.

Apart from the above-listed requirements which are necessary for filling up the visa form, there are some requirements that a Cyprus citizen must follow to gain entry. They are as follows:

  • Once reaching in Thailand, the address where the Cyprus citizen will stay must also be provided.

  • The return flight ticket should be given as a proof and for those Cypriot citizens who wish to transit must also show the flight ticket to the onward destination.

  • A proof of balance must also be provided.

With all of the requirements being fulfilled, a Cyprus citizen can obtain the visa easily. The Thailand visa for Cyprus citizens hence allows the people residing in Cyprus to gain access to Thailand visa easily.

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