thailand visa for uzbekistan passport holders quick guide to online application

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Citizens of Uzbekistan now have a chance of having their own Thailand visa for Uzbekistan passport holders through an online method. This chance being available only for 19 countries around the world makes it a unique chance. Thailand with its vast beaches and beautiful sunset scenery by the beach is a place where Uzbekistan passport holders might not want to miss! Especially when all you have to do is apply for a Thailand visa through an online method.


Q. Why is it that an Uzbekistan citizen needs to have a Thailand visa in order to enter Thailand?

A. Uzbekistan passport holders being from Uzbekistan do not belong to Thailand and hence this visa system is a sort of allowance which lets you stay in Thailand without anyone questioning you about the activities you will be doing. Well, there might be questioning of the purpose but that will only be for security reasons and there’s no need to be scared to answer that.

Q. Is tourist visa online a site that provides Thailand visa for Uzbekistan passport holders?

A. Tourist visa online is a site that provides visas to various countries and yes an Uzbekistan passport holder can definitely gain access to Thailand visas through this site. You can also have various options as to which visa will be the best fit for you. If you happen to find the right type then there is no need to back out from applying.

Q. How does tourist visa online process the application form that an Uzbekistan passport holder submits?

A. An application form submitted by an Uzbekistan passport holder is fort scanned and checked if all the information is filled out correctly. If there are any mistakes spotted then there will be returning back of the document by our team and if all the information is filled and valid then there will be a check of the complete document list and is there’s any missing a request will be put to attach the same. After all the checking and verification it is sent to the government website for further processing. One thing that is beneficial for you is that there is no need to worry about the process that will be performed further as it will be done on our end and if there is some information missing it will be conveyed eventually.

Q. Is there an offline process that I need to complete to finish off the whole process of the Thailand visa application?

A. An Uzbekistan citizens need not perform any offline actions in order to finish the process. As mentioned before this whole process is an online process and will be completed only through online methods.

Q. Is there a limit as to which an Uzbekistan passport holder needs to enter Thailand before?

A. Yes as soon as the visa will be issued to an Uzbekistan passport holder, he or she needs to enter Thailand within a span of a month and failure to do so will lead to the cancellation of this visa. Which means this visa will be of no further use.

Q. What is the time period allowed for the stay of an Uzbekistan citizen in Thailand?

A. 15 days is the maximum time period for which an Uzbekistan citizen can stay in Thailand. Also, one thing that an Uzbekistan citizen will need to keep in mind is that they should exit the country before the visa expires or there will be some penalty that has to be filled.

Q. If there are emergency cases then will the 15 day Thailand visa which an Uzbekistan citizen applied for, be extended?

A. In most of the cases, there is no extension of the Thailand visa possible. However, if it is an emergency case then an Uzbekistan citizen can write a letter to the Thai embassy pleading for the extension of the visa.

Q. Which is the embassy in Thailand that I need to contact in order to gain an extension in the visa?

A. An Uzbekistan citizen might have to contact the office of immigration bureau which is situated in Thailand for an extension; the address can be given as follows:

Immigration Division 1, Government Center B, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Laksi, Bangkok, Thailand 10210.

Q. What if an Uzbekistan citizen wants to their children along for the trip?

A. An Uzbekistan citizen can bring in children as long as they have a valid passport and a visa document which is valid as well. 

Q. Will the payment of fees remain the same for a child while applying through tourist visa online?

A. The visa fee for an applicant from Uzbekistan will remain the same irrespective of the age. This means a visa fee of 50.0 USD and a service fee of 26.0 USD will have to be paid while payment of the fees for Thailand visa is done.

Think you need more information? Feel free to contact us at any time! We at tourist visa online are here to make it easy for you! Do remember that a Thailand visa for Uzbekistan passport holders is the key to enter Thailand!

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