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Citizens of Romania can now gain access to the Thailand visa for Romanian citizens with the help of Tourist Visa online acting as an online platform which helps you fill in the form and submit the required documents which will aid in the process of obtaining a visa. 

Thailand being the 50th largest country in the entire world and ranking 21 among all the popular tourist attractions have sure attracted a lot of people coming in Thailand for various purposes. It has over 68 million populations and has been growing ever since due to the immense immigration taking place in Thailand. A Romanian who wishes to go to Thailand can also do so by acquiring the visa. However, there seem to be some questions that are asked frequently and need some clarification. Let’s take a look at those questions and figure out how and when to apply for a visa!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Romanian gain access to the Thailand visa through an online method?

A. Romania is one of the countries among the countries included in the eligibility list for an online Thailand visa; its nationals can definitely enjoy the comfort of applying for a Thailand visa through any online medium. 

Q. What if I am on a vacation from Romania and wants to enter Thailand free of cost, will that work?

A. A visa for a Romanian is definitely important when crossing the border to enter Thailand is concerned. This means any person from Romania who does not have a visa will not be allowed entry. Hence while entering Thailand you need to keep in mind that no entry is allowed without a valid visa. Equal importance is given for the proof of a sufficient balance in the bank which will be helping you stay in Thailand for the period mentioned on the visa. 

Q. Is there any bank balance limit that a Romanian citizen needs to keep in order to enter Thailand?

A. Yes, a Romanian citizen must have a balance of 10,000 baht in their bank accounts and a statement proof of the same should be provided. This amount is for those citizens who are traveling solo and those with their family need to have a balance of 20,000 baht in their account. 

Q. Will there be a strict checking at the border of Thailand when a Romanian citizen enters Thailand?

A. Not only the Romanian citizens but also any other outsider nationals who are wishing to enter Thailand will have to undergo quite a strict checking. This will include asking you for the purpose of the visit. If the purpose of the visit is not found to be the one that is stated on the visa, then an entry might be rejected to you and you will be sent back to your country.

Q. Is the application form for Thailand visa available on Tourist Visa Online too hard?

A. The application form for Thailand visa mentioned on our website is not only easy but a really small one so that you need not spend 2 to 3 hours just to complete the process. You can complete the process while traveling from one place to another or if you are having a meeting and are running out of time, all you need is a matter of minutes to fill in the entire process.

Q. How many days can a Thailand visa be valid for a Romanian citizen?

A. For a Romanian citizen who wishes to get Thailand, can get a visa which is valid for 15 days and will allow a stay of up to 15 days from the entry date. The Romanian citizen must also keep in mind that they should go back from Thailand to their home place within the 15 days that the visa will be valid for.

Q. Is it possible for a Romanian citizen to enter Thailand with the 15 days visa multiple times?

A. The 15 days Thailand visa is applicable for only a single entry and hence the Romanian citizen that enter Thailand can only do so once and will not be allowed to re-enter once they exit the country.

Q. Does a Romanian citizen need to take a new visa after the expiration of the 15 days visa to enter Thailand?

A. To enter Thailand gain a Romanian citizen must ensure that they exit the country once the 15 days visa is going to expire and can re-enter only and only if they apply for a new visa.

Q. Do I need my Thailand visa to be checked by a professional once I get it issued?

A. The Thailand visa that is provided by tourist visa online will undergo complete and thorough checking which will ensure that there are no mistakes and the originality is maintained and hence there is no need to recheck the originality of the visa.

The Thailand visa for Romanian citizens can now be applied through tourist visa online and helps a Romanian tot easily find their way to Thailand.

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