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Travelers and visitors who are not the visa exempted countries should obtain Thailand Visa. The Thailand Visa is the entry requirement and official document used by foreign nationals to gain entry into the country. Short-term visas like Thailand tourist visas or Thailand business visas are only used for short-term stays. Tourists need to obtain Thailand long-stay visa to reside in a country for more than a validity period. There are many ways for foreign nationals to request a long-stay visa in Thailand

If any foreign national is planning to live in the country for an extended period then they have to apply for long-term Thailand Visas. If you are a tourist in Thailand and want to stay for more than 60 days. Then just simply apply for a Thailand visa extension. The visa extension will allow you to stay for some more time in Thailand. Tourist's visas are generally extendable up to 1 month. Other ways to acquire long stay Visas for Thailand are:

  • Thailand non-immigrant visa
  • Elite visa for Thailand
  • Retirement visa
  •  Marriage visa 


Thailand non Immigrant visa

The Thailand nonimmigrant visa is issued for a long-term stay in Thailand. The Thailand non Immigrant visa is issued or acquired by foreign nationals for business, studies, medical treatment, investment, employment, and longer visits. The Thailand non-immigrant visa is divided into many categories. Applicants have to select from these different categories according to their preferences and purpose. The non-immigrant visa to Thailand is first issued for 90 days. And it can be extended for another three months. But one of the drawbacks is that applicants have to issue non Immigrant visas after 90 days to renew their visa.

Foreign nationals can also apply for a one-year non-immigrant visa extension from the immigration office in Bangkok. The foreign nationals who have stayed in Thailand continuously for 3 years on visa extension. They may obtain a residence permit for a long-term stay in Thailand. Foreign nationals need to apply for a long-term nonimmigrant visa from the consulate.

Documents needed for a non-immigrant visa

  • Passport- It should be valid for 18 months to obtain a long-term stay visa for Thailand. There should be at least two blank pages in the passport.
  • Filled Thailand non-immigrant form
  • Passport size Photo
  • Financial proof
  • Non-immigrant visa fee- The 1-year non-immigrant visa fee for Thailand is 5,000 Baht.
  • Letter of invitation
  • Other related documents


Retirement visa

The Thailand retirement is the category under a non-immigrant visa. The Thailand retirement visa is issued to retirees who are above 50 years. Foreign nationals have to apply for 90 days non-immigrant O visa. Then the applicant can extend it to 1-year long retirement visa. Applicants can renew it every year from inside the country. This is another option to obtain a long-term stay visa for Thailand. But only retired people and applicants over 50 years of age are eligible.

Marriage visa

Thailand Marriage Visa is issued to foreign nationals who are planning to join their spouse in Thailand. Foreign nationals who are married to Thai nationals can apply for a marriage visa. It will permit them to reside in a country for an extended duration. Applicants should obtain an ordinary non-immigrant visa and then apply for an extension. Applicants can extend it for 1 year from the Thai embassy.

Elite Visa for Thailand

This is a long-term visa for Thailand. The Thai elite visa is a special type of visa. The elite visa for Thailand permits the foreign nationals to enjoy and use the special entry visa. If you are planning to stay in the country for a very long period then you should apply for Thailand elite visa. Foreign nationals can stay in the country for 5 years, 10 years, or also a period of 20 days. It will depend on the type of elite visa or package you choose. It allows multiple entries in Thailand. Foreign nationals with elite visas don't need to apply for a visa extension from outside the country. The elite visa for Thailand provides many facilities and benefits. If you are looking for very long-term visas for Thailand then this is the best option.



Foreign nationals are eligible to apply for Thailand long stay visas only if they have a valid reason. The Long term visas need to be renewed before the expiry date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, foreign nationals can stay with their partner or accompany their Thai partner, the applicant should obtain a marriage visa or long-term stay visa for Thailand.

Yes, you can extend your retirement visa for 1 year to stay in the country.

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