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Malaysia is a country that has multi-culture and a Society where Chinese, Malays, and Indians live together peacefully this is the culture of Malaysia

Malaya's are larger in number. One-third of the Malaysian population comprises of Chinese while on the other hand, Indian comprises 10% of its population, and there are people from the Sikh community. Malaysia religion and culture are always kept on priority by the Malaysian people 

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Malaysians have such an interesting history that influences neighbouring countries like Asia. Malaysia is a diverse country from its architecture to religion and the people of the country.

Do you know the facts about Malaysian tourism? Malaysia is in the 9th position in tourism and tourist arrivals! The largest ethnic group is made by Malays that tend to practice Malaysian culture and traditions as well as Islamic traditions. 



Malaysia's language is Bahasa and is responsible for the fortune of the country. Malaysia people speak many native languages. The Austronesian language is the main route of the Malaysian language. A large number of people are also aware Of the English language. 



Are you aware Of the fact that original Malaysian people are known as orange asli Data originally found in the Peninsular region? Orange also people have several groups and they have their own special language and cultural traditions. 



The cultural dance of Malaysia is joget which is performed by the couple with some graceful movements and playful humour. It originated from Portuguese folk dance. 

There are many dance forms like Malay mak yong, kuda kepang, zapin, joget, tarian lilin, silat, Chinese lion dance, dragon dance, etc.

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In the Malaysian language traditional clothing is also known as PAKAIAN. For both males and females there are different cultural dresses. You will mainly find Malaysia culture dress in a brighter shade of colours which gives them a vibrant look. 

BAJU MELAYU Is the traditional attire for the male of Malaysian men which looks like a tunic that is shared with a set of trousers and a sampin. 

The traditional attire of Malaysian women comprises a scarf on the head with a long skirt that is paired with a full sleeve blouse. This attire is commonly known as baju kurung. Malaysian culture clothes are vibrant in colour.  



Your lifestyle in Malaysia can be simple or exciting as you want. In some cities of Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur, and Penang. 

There are many sources of entertainment like cinema halls, Mall restaurants that can be cured and really adventurous whether it's day or night. In some cities of Malaysia events and festivals, you can really have fun over there. 

Malaysia's lifestyle has adorable sports activities and nature activities like hiking, cycling, and yoga. One thing that I will assure you is that you can really make your life adventurous and exciting. That's up to you how you make your lifestyle in Malaysia.



Malaysian culture food is famous worldwide for its rich and spicy flavour. Whenever you visit Malaysia you should never miss the opportunity to have Malaysian cuisines these cuisines are best among any other food. 

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Malaysian people love to eat food and if you are a foodie Malaysia is the best place for you. Mainly the Malaysian dishes are prepared with rice and coconut milk along with the special spices of Malaysia. Malaysian love to eat non-vegetarian food. 



Always receive a gift by using both of your hands because it is a Malaysian etiquette. Either you can use your right hand to receive something. 

Whenever you visit Malaysia you should never smoke in public places. You must greet everyone with respect and Politeness.





 Do you know that Malay women do not shake hands with men? If you ever try to shake hands with any of the Mala women you will be refused But you should not be offended because it's their culture. But if you are willing to shake hands with men and women they can do it definitely.



If you are in Malaysia and ever invited by any of the Malaysian friends at the home for dinner or lunch. You always carry a box of chocolate as a gift because chocolates are considered a good quality of the gift. You should never give anyone a champion or alcohol. You should also not give dogs to the children as it is considered as a bad omen. 



By travelling to urban cities or religious places in Malaysia suggest you wear clothes that are not overly revealing. Well, you can wear any of the western dresses as per your comfort zone that's not prohibited in Malaysia. Western clothes are quite popular in Malaysia. 


  • What is Malaysia's religion?

Malaysia is a country in which people of different religions Live together happily. mainly in Malaysia Islamic religion is in majority Followed by Buddhism, Christians, Hindus and at last, come Chinese.

  • What are the cultures of Malaysia?

Malaysian culture is formed by the mixture of many cultures of Indian Chinese Buddhists and Christians living together for centuries truly creating the Malaysian culture. You can also find Hinduism in Malaysia.

  • What type of food Malaysian eat?

Malaysian mainly eat non-vegetarian food with lots of spices. 

  • How to greet people in Malaysia?

You can greet people by wishing them good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.

You can also greet people simply by saying hello or hi.

  • How expensive is Malaysia?

Malaysia is generally not that expensive to stay and visit. Beverages like alcohol are costly in Malaysia.

  • How to find Malaysian women for marriage?

Though people have adopted western culture and traditions, Malaysian culture is always preferred by Malaysian women because of their beliefs. You can search Malaysian women to marry on any official Matrimonial website and you can find your Perfect Match if you have someone in your sight. you can also find your match by searching for Malaysian women for dating.

  • Is Malaysia a rich country?

Yes, Malaysia is a rich country with many of its developed cities. Asia is growing its business in other countries by exporting some of its goods it is earning a huge amount of profits. Each and everyday economy of Malaysia is going up 

  • What was the religion in Malaysia before Islam?

Before the arrival of any other religion like Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism Malaysians used to practice a religion known as indigenous animism. 



Malaysia is a country that has a wide number of religions and cultures. People from different religions have been living together for centuries, giving shape to the customs, traditions, and Culture of Malaysia. Malaysia has a very vibrant colour of tradition. There are no words to explain the deliciousness of Malaysian foods that are famous all over the world. People living in Malaysia enjoy the Malaysia lifestyle because of their adventurous events.

If you also want to explore the cultures and traditions of Malaysia you should definitely visit Malaysia. Are you dreaming of visiting Malaysia? Then you should apply for a Malaysia visa online.


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