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You can check the Malaysia visa status by passport number and reference number. There are two methods for checking the visa status. The visas like the employment visa, visa for students, and tourist visa everything checked by using these numbers. A visa is an important factor for entering any country. So you must keep an eye on the status of the visa process. 

Steps for tracking:

  • Go to the official website. Select the option of tracking
  • Then enter the details asked for in the form.
  • You can enter either passport number or reference number
  • Submit the details you will get the status on the screen. 


Student visa:

The student visa demand increasing every year rapidly. The number of students willing to study in Malaysia is increasing more. There are institutes and colleges both private and public allowing students from other countries to study here. After getting admission the next process is applying for the visa. 
There are few steps followed for checking the Malaysia visa status by passport number. The first is applying for admission to the required college or institution of preference. You can know the details of the college by getting in touch with the college admission staff. Then submit the documents and the application filled. The documents include scanned documents of educational certificates. The passport front, end, and bio page is a must. After submission, they will verify the documents and send the letter of joining. This document can help students get their students visa accordingly. 

Track your visa application

The tracking of the visa application is done using the passport and reference number. Go to the official website of visa application. Then select the option for visa tracking. Then enter the details like passport number, nationality, date of birth of the applicant, and the passport expiry date. Then submit the details. You will see the status of the visa on the screen. The other option is using a reference number. Instead of a passport number, you can use a reference number. The reference number allotted to students after applying for the visa. You can enter the reference number and other details and see the status of the visa


How to get the Approval Letter?

The immigration ministry will send the approval letter along with the visa to the students. They can book their flights accordingly. The students who are travelling to Malaysia must send the details like airplane number, departure time, arrival time, and terminal number. In Malaysia, colleges and universities are responsible for picking up their students and reach them to colleges safely. So they will help students to reach college. Then the passport of the student will have the sticker of the student pass. The whole process of a visa may take up to six to eight weeks. 


The steps and procedure to how to check the Malaysia visa by passport number that’s mentioned in detail. You can follow the same procedure and get the visa on time. Using this you can book your tickets for travel accordingly. If the visa is rejected you can apply for the other as required. The processing speeds for a visa are also available you can choose one according to your need. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a possibility for checking the visa status online. There are two methods for checking the visa status. Method one is using the reference number. The other method is using the passport number. The details needed are birth date, reference or passport number, citizenship, and passport expiry. Then you can click I am not robot sign. Then enter the given captcha and press submit button. Then the details of the process appear on the screen. By which you can decide the completion date of the visa. you can also know when to book tickets for your travel. 

The answer to the question is no. You cannot renew the visa in Malaysia. There is no possibility for any passenger to renew or do an extension for a visa. Any visitors from any foreign country don’t have the opportunity for renewing and extending visas. The only solution is to apply for a visa that is new. There are e-visas available they can choose the required visa and book them. 

There are three methods used for processing the visa according to the needs of the customer. The passenger who needs the visa very urgently can choose the super rush process visa. As the speed increases the rate will also increase. The cost of the super rush process is about eighty-five dollars. The process gets finished within one day. The rush process is a bit slower than the above-mentioned process. The cost of this visa is sixty-five dollars. It may take about two to three days to process. The final one is the standard regular process. The cost for this is thirty-five dollars. It takes a regular time of four to five days to process.  

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