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Being one of the most famous countries of Southern Central Africa, it faces a large crowd of foreigner travellers every single year. So the Government of the Republic of Zambia has invented a highly modified visa policy and one of its most renowned parts is the Zambia visa requirements. But there is nothing to worry about as long as Tourist Visa Online is with you. we will guide you in such a way that you don't ever face any problem regarding this visa requirement and Zambia visa application. We are here to guide you 24/7 so that you can enjoy a travel free and safe journey to Zambia. So let's read this article out and you will get to know about everything in detail.


  • Basic Visa Requirements
  • Some Other Specific Required Documents
  • Time Required for Zambia Visa
  • FAQs

Basic Visa Requirements

Every country has its own visa requirements for the foreigner applicants. So before applying for Zambia Visa the applicant should learn about all the requirements that he needs to provide while the online application form or while verifying the visa. so here is the list of all the required documents for Zambia Visa, let's check them out!

  • Valid passport: The applicant must provide a valid passport which should fulfil some criteria, like:
  1. It should have a validity period of the next six months or more from the date of your arrival in Zambia.
  2. b. It should contain at least two blank pages excluding the endorsement pages to get the visa stamp printed on it.
  3. c. The passport must include all the personal information required.
  4. d. Remember the passport must not get any kind of damage or torn.
  • Photograph: Your recent photographs also need to match with some criteria, like:
  1. Its size should be of 2×2 inches.
  2. It must be taken within the last 6 months.
  3. The photomask is printed on a photo paper and signed by the applicant on the back.
  4. You at least have to provide two colour copies of this photograph in passport type.
  5. While registering for the visa online you need to upload the photo in JPG, JPEG or PNG format.
  • Proof and letter of your tour: You must provide a letter including every detail about your travel arrangement including the span of your stay. You also need to provide a copy of all the e-tickets of the round trips with the entry and exit dates of your destinations which must show the travellers full name as per the passport on it.
  • Airline ticket and hotel reservation: On your arrival, you need to show the authority, an approved return aeroplane ticket to ensure them that you won't stay for too long here. You also need to present the confirmation letter or document of the hotel reservation or room rent to stay in Zambia and also provide the address.
  • Sufficient Money: You also need to show that you have enough funds to afford your whole stay in Zambia and you don't ever need to depend on the government to return back to your home. for that, you have to show a few documents to the authority which includes:
  1. Your debit or credit card.
  2. Total funds details and an amount of money which would be enough to prove your financial stability.
  3. Last 6 months bank statements.
  4. An income tax return filed by the government.
  • Invitation letter: The main subject of the invitation letter varies as per your purpose of visit. For business-related purposes, you need to show any business-related meeting or seminar invitation all any kind of later from a renowned company or organisation of Zambia and for other purposes like to visit your family or friend or attend any family occasion or festival or ceremony you have to show the invitation as well. So this was just the basic requirements everyone needs to provide for visa application or verification but other than this there are some more criterias. Let's learn about them.

Some Other Specific Required Documents

As we all know the visa types must need to match with the purposes of the visit. So as per the different types of visa, there are some different certain requirements that applicants need to fulfil. For business visa: For this type of visa the applicant must show a proper identity card of the organisation under which he is currently working and an invitation from the company organisation of Zambia. Other than this he also needs to provide a business letter regarding his purpose of visit and the subject of the meeting for the seminar that he is going to attend. The applicant also needs to show his professional degree e off educational qualification.

For tourist visa: For this visa applicant needs to provide all kinds of e-tickets or reservation related to this zombie trip and a letter describing all the travel plans. And if he is coming for any family or friends related purpose or to attend any program, he also needs to show an invitation letter from a resident of Zambia.

For Transit visa: In this case, the applicant must show the proof that he is using Zambia just as a medium to reach his final destination and he is not going to stay here for any purpose. For this, he needs to show his arrival and departure aeroplane tickets. He can also use a day-tripper visa in this case which is applicable for only 24 hours. 

Time Required for Zambia Visa

Here you will learn about two different required times, the time you need to apply for a Zambia visa and the time it requires to proceed.

The time required for a visa application: With the easiest application method of Tourist Visa Online, you just require around 10 to 15 minutes to complete the whole application form, submit all the documents and pay online. And your visa application would be done. Visa processing time: As you already know Tourist Visa Online provides you with the fastest visa service and it takes around 7 to 9 business days for the visa to get processed. But if it is really urgent you can take our express visa service for that you need to contact us at Or you can also apply Zambia visa on arrival


Q. If I want to go to Zambia with my pet, what requirements do I need to follow?

Other than following all your requirements for your pet, you don't need much to do. But your pet should have an internationally applicable veterinarian health certificate issued by any renowned organisation or it can be obtained in advance from the Department of Research and Specialist Service, Mulungushi House, Lusaka, Zambia.

Q. I am travelling with my 9 years old kid, do I need to get a visa for him as well?

No, according to the Zambia visa policy, there is no need to get a visa for any child below the age of 16 years. the adults with whom the kid is travelling must include him/her in their own visa.

So after reading about all these Visa requirements hopefully you got all the answers to your desired questions. You must maintain all these requirements and must not provide any fake or invalid documents.

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