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Zambia, the country which is known as “the place where the water meets the sky”, also owns a highly modified Zambia visa policy as it attracts lots of tourists every year for its glamorous natural beauty and unique culture. So let's plan a trip to the country whose charm never ends like Victoria falls. And why not? When you have a Tourist Visa Online, just by your side to guide you 24/7. But before applying for the visa, you must learn about the visa policy of Zambia. What are you waiting for? Let's get started! 


  •  What is the Zambia visa policy? 
  • Types of visa
  • Zambia visa exemption
  • Zambia visa on arrival
  • Zambia visa prior to travel
  • Zambia visa fees
  • FAQs 

What is the Zambia Visa Policy?

Zambia visa policy which was introduced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Zambia, states that every visitor need to obtain a visa from any Zambian diplomatic missions or and electronic visa and a passport with the validity of minimum 6 months to enter into this per this visa policy you can find so many information about the visa-exempt countries, visa on arrival facility, visa requirements and application details, visa extension and so on. So before applying for any Zambia visa as per your purpose of visit you must learn about the Zambia visa policy in detail. 

Types of Zambia visa

According to the visa policy of Zambia, there are various types of Zambia visa as per the applicant's purpose of visit. So if you are planning to travel to Zambia soon, you must get a visa according to the purpose of your trip and if the visa doesn't match then you can get into serious trouble. Let's get a clear concept about the basic visa types. 

  • Tourist visa
  1. 30 days double-entry tourist visa
  2.  30 days multiple-entry tourist visa
  3. 30 days single entry tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Daytripper visa: 24 hours
  • Kaza univisa: 30 days Multiple Entry
  • Gratis visa

So these are the basic visa types. But before applying for a visa you must need to learn if your country is eligible to get the visa or if it comes under the visa-exempt countries. Let's check it out. 

Zambia Visa-exempt Countries

According to the Zambia visa policy, there are some eligible countries who don't require any visa to enter into this country. Though all the citizens of the visa exempt countries don't require any visa they need to follow their own requirements in order to enter this country. 

Generally, the passport holders of 44 eligible Zambia visa-exempt countries and territories don't need a visa to enter into this country. They can stay here up to 90 days for tourist purposes and 30 days for business-related purposes. 

As per this visa policy, the British overseas territories citizens and the British citizens also don't require any Visa to enter into Zambia and stay here for a certain time period. Even some of New Zealand and 

Australian passport holders also don't require any visa to enter here. Those countries are: 

  • British overseas territories: 
Anguilla Bermuda The British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Falkland Islands
Gibraltar Montserrat Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Turks and Caicos Islands  
  • British countries: 
The Isle of Man Guernsey Jersey
  • New Zealand passport holders:
Nationals of Cook Islands Niue residents Residents of Tokelau
  • Australian passport holders: 
  1. Norfolk Island residents.

So if your residence comes under these above-mentioned countries, you don't require any visa to visit Zambia. 

Zambia visa on arrival:

Nationals of some eligible countries aren't required to register for a visa before their arrival in Zambia. They can easily get a visa after arriving in this country and travel anywhere. There are a total of 94 countries who are eligible for this facility. Basically The Eligible countries include all the European Union citizens except the citizens of Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and Romania.

So if you are a citizen who came under Zambia Visa on arrival countries you can easily get a visa on your arrival. So in case of any agency or emergency purpose you don't need to worry about anything, just fly over to Zambia and you will get the visa within a few hours. 

Zambia visa prior to travel:

Zambia visa prior to travel refers to just a Zambia electronic visa or e-visa. An e-visa is just an official authority which permits all the travellers to enter into Zambia n stay for a specific duration. One can easily apply it online via any website or tourist agency and easily get it at home, without running to the immigration headquarters or Zambian missions abroad. To apply for the e-visa online, you can easily pay via using PayPal, debit or credit card or direct from your bank account. Remember, children below the age of 16 years cannot apply for an e visa if they are travelling with any adult then the adult one must include the child in his application while registering for it. 

Zambia visa fees:

The cost of each Zambia visa depends on from where and for which type of visa the traveller is applying. But with our website, Tourist Visa Online ( you can easily get the best visa facilities at the lowest rate. so before applying for the visa less check out all the basic Zambia visa fees at a glance. All the visa rates provided by our website, range from 45.0USD to 177.0USD. You can easily apply online from our website by paying online while registration. But remember, these visa fees are non-refundable. 


Q.On which ports of Zambia, I can use the e-visa to enter into the country? There are basically three ports in Zambia where you can use the e-visa. Those are: 

  •  Kenneth Kaunda International Airport – LusakaHarry
  •  Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport – Livingstone
  •  Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport - Ndola

Q. From which ports can I enter using a Day Tripper Visa or a Kaza Univisa?

Day Tripper Visa: With a Day Tripper Visa, you can only enter via Victoria Falls and Kazungula Border Controls.

Kaza Univisa: With a Kaza Univisa you can enter to Zambia via: 

  • Kenneth Kaunda International Airport – Lusaka
  • Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport – Livingstone
  • Victoria Falls Border and Kazungula Border Control. 

Q. How long does it take to get a Zambia e-visa online?

It generally depends on which website or travel agency you are applying for the visa. If you are applying with our website Tourist Visa Online, you can get the visa within 7-9 business days. 

Q. How much money do I need to take to Zambia?

You should take 5000 USD or more depending on your span of stay and it is also important for the visa approval from the authority. But still, there is no such rule but your bank balance should come for all your daily expenses, flight cost, hotel reservation cost and so on. 

The above article hopefully gave you a brief introduction about all the facilities and services provided by the Zambia visa policy. You can separately learn about all those terms like visa exemption for Visa arrival even the visa application and its requirements separately on the other articles of our website. 

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