Zambia Visa Requirements for Irish Citizens

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A country in East Africa, Zambia is a landlocked country which has rugged terrains and has a rich diversity of wildlife. It has many parks and safaris. Zambia shares its border with Zimbabwe and has the famous ‘Victoria Falls’. Victoria Falls is also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “Smoke That Thunders”. Spanning the Zambezi River just below, lies the most spectacular and beautiful and the most important tourist attraction, Victoria Falls Bridge. Zambia is naturally a plateau hemmed with beautiful hills and mountains and thus, is a place of popular landscape and beauty. Nshima is the main ingredient in the meals that the people of Zambia have. Maize is their staple food. You will be surprised to know that Zambia is one of the famous producers of semi precious stones and cobalt and also is the major producer or tourmaline and aquamarine. Hearing of all these, tge Irish Citizens must have been thinking about visiting this place and must have imagined its beauty here itself. For that, you need to have a visa and you should not worry about it because we are here to tell you about the details of the visa and its requirements and other information. Even you can apply through Tourist visa online, and you can get your authenticated visa issued to you in a very short period of time. 


Types of Visas available to Zambia  for Irish Citizens

  • Tourist Visa – This visa is mainly for those people who want to visit Zambia to travel to different places and spend their holidays there. They may also visit friends and family who are already residing in Zambia. The visa is valid for 30 days if tge tourists want to stay in the country. 
  • Business Visa – This visa is specifically issued to the representatives or the professionals who visit Zambia to expand their business or to grow visibility and awareness of the business and can even set up a new business. They can even visit Zambia as ambassadors. 
  • Day Tripper Visa – This visa is a perfectly different one from others. It is issued only at the entry to the port in Zambia. The visa is valid for 24 hours and the person issuing the visa has to exit through the same port where he or she had been issued the visa. This also gives the tourists the opportunity to travel Zambia and also its neighbouring countries within the stipulated time. 
  • Kaza Univisa – This visa gives you the advantage of obtaining a single visa for which you are eligible to visit both the countries for multiple times. The validity period of the visa is for 30 days and within that time you can visit both Zimbabwe and Zambia. This also gives the opportunity to visit Botswana. 


Documents required for applying a visa online to Zambia for the Irish Citizens 

  • The most important part is the application form that has to be filled by the citizen who is applying for the visa to Zambia
  • You must carry with yourself the copies and the photographs of the first, second and the last page of the valid passport which should have the validity for at least six months. 
  • You should definitely not forget to carry the proof of the yellow fever certificate which will say that you are negative ofcthe disease. 
  • You need to have three passport size photographs And the photographs should have face coverage of about 80 percent and must be a recent one. 
  • You must nit forget to carry the arrival and departure tickets of the flight which will also have the dates written on it. 
  • You should carry with yourself the copies of bank statements which will say about the bank balance of last three months. You should also have a proof of endorsement on the passport. 
  • If you are applying for the business visa, then you need to have a cover letter issued from your institution or the company you are working for and will be visiting Zambia for. 


Fees required to apply for the visa to Zambia and the processing time of the visa 

If you are applying for the 30 days Tourist visa, but single entry then the fees for the visa is 76.0 USD and the processing time is 4-5 days. The visa is valid for 90 days. 

If you are applying for the 30 days Tourist visa, provided if it’s multiple Entry one then the cost of the visa is 177.0 USD. The processing time of the visa is 4 to 5 days and the validity is for 90 days. 

If you are applying for the 24 hour Tourist Visa, provided it is single entry one then the fees of the visa is 45.0 USD. The visa is valid for 24 hours. 

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