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Zambia Facts

Zambia gained its independence many years back. Lusaka is recognized as the big city and the capital of Zambia. Zambia has been an economically independent country and for the current years, its economy has been rising greatly. Zambia border and is covered by Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Tanzania. Zambia is also rich in minerals, agriculture, and a wildlife reserve. Zambia is protected by certain relief and is mainly bordered by the Angolan border. Zambia has lent a good relationship with its neighboring country. It contains many lands, plateaus, and deserted areas to visit and explore the Zambian country. Zambia is accompanied by many seas and rivers which have released its beauty to the topmost. Zambia is blessed with many popular lakes which have a significant position to attract tourists; they are Luangwa River, Lake Bangweulu, etc. Zambia's main popular animal is found in the karoo. Zambia is famous for its safari regions and embroideries.


Zambia Visa

Obtaining a Zambia visa is easy and with simple processing, anyone can apply for it. Zambia visa before obtaining it, verify your nationality. As for Zambia visas, they offer a free visa policy to some nationalities and voters. Zambia also provides visa-on-arrival prerequisites for many citizens to obtain sustainability. 

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Zambia embassy mainly offers the below types of visa for locals, foreigners, and other applicant visitors- 

  • Single-entry visa- according to this visas requirement tripper can stay for the time validated as issued in the visas and it's been counted on the day of its activation. With the type of this visa, multiple entry and exit are not allowed under observation and it has been prohibited by the Zambian embassy.
  • Double-entry visa - according to this visa requirement tripper can exit and enter Zambia at most two times.
  • Multiple-entry visa- according to this visas requirement tripper can have alternative and as well as multiple arrivals to Zambia. It's been allotted only to Zambian employees who have been permitted their jobs in Zambia.
  • Zambia Transit visas its necessary for every traveler if they are wishing to travel to another country and for that, they have to break their journey in some country's borders, then for a stay order, they are required to provide the evidence along with transit visas. 
  • Zambia Day- Tourist visas may be acceptable for this, but the emigrant must contract the Zambia embassy for the other requirements.
  • KAZA-Visa- This visa is only permitted to Zambia citizens and the Zambia embassy and other rated officers.


These visas are the special type and oriented visas for the Zambia embassy and territory entry.

  • Zambia Tourist Visa- This visa is offered to all the sightseers who are willing to travel to Zambia.
  • Zambia Business Visa- this can only be obtained if you can enquire about your business agreement and if anyone can provide the Zambia work permit ID proof.
  • Zambia Work Visa- this visa is permitted to Zambia workers under the agreement period of working in Zambia.
  • Zambia Student Visa for this after proposal accepted for the student education by Zambia authorities He/ She are eligible to stay in Zambia according to the period it offers to them.

Zambia Visa Requirements

When you apply for a visa for Zambia, you must have several documents to support your application, such as:

  • Suppliant current time image of the mentioned resolution is a mandatory requirement.
  • Passport original along with six months time span is a mandatory requirement.
  • No photocopy has been accepted by the Zambian embassy where the original requirement is essential.
  • Flight records will be taken by the embassy for confirmation.
  • To obtain a tourist visa – a supplier must ensure its residences/ or stayed address in Zambia along with the letter of immigration which will ensure your travel.
  • For obtaining business visas –

  1. A supplicant must ensure it's Zambia offers a hiring letter
  2. A letter with company relevant details
  3. And a letter of resignation from the cooperated firm if you are working with some company before head.


  • For obtaining transit visas –

  1. Travel proof
  2. Day of validation period and your destination location
  3. Immigration minister proper word of honor letter.

For obtaining work visas- 

  1. Suppliant proper CV evidence
  2. A supplicant must ensure it's Zambia offers a hiring letter
  3. No criminal track record
  4. Previous experience of any corporate company
  5. Signing and agreement to the Zambia company agreement letter of assurance are required.
  • For obtaining student visas- 

  1. School granted permission
  2. Address letter to the Zambia school principal for approval permission
  3. The shifted appraisal is needed from previous schools. 

These required documents with all selected criteria are requested to be entitled by the suppliant. Zambia embassy, after enquiring about all the credentials, their visa policies will be granted.

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