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Being one of the most beautiful and cheapest tourist destinations, Georgia has a great visa policy and you would be glad to know that the Georgia visa application process is really easy and totally online. Though the application process is really easy, still you need to maintain the steps with proper evidence. Now the online application process has become easier with the help of Tourist Visa Online. We are 24/7 available just to assist you. With our guidance you can apply for the Georgia Visa online quickly. Here are all the details, just have a glance!


  • Georgia visa application procedure step by step
  • Details about the Visa Application Form
  • Few Important Details
  • Conclusion

Georgia visa application procedure step by step:

The procedure generally depends on from where and how you are applying. If you are applying via any agency or website hopefully they will provide you all the information with proper guidance. But if you are applying via us, Tourist Visa Online here is the easiest procedure to apply Georgia e-Visa online, described below

To apply and get a Georgia e-visa online, you just need to follow four easy steps. Those are:

    1. First Step -: So firstly you have to choose the country and then you need to fill the application form provided by us with general information.
    2. Second Step - Submit Documents: Now you have to revise the filled up form and then you need to submit all the required documents as proper evidence that the information provided by you is 100% accurate. You can just upload the documents with the visa application form or you can directly mail the documents at
    3. Third Step - Pay Online: After revising the application form, finally you need to choose the payment method online. You can either pay with PayPal or you can use your active credit or debit card or you can also directly transfer from your bank account. After the payment is done successfully you will receive a registration id from us. 
    4. Fourth Step - Get Your E-Visa: So now as the whole application process is completed, you just need to wait till you get the confirmation email. You will get that email with your visa within 48-72 hours from your application time.

So this is how the whole e-visa application process works.

Details about the Visa Application Form:

Generally all the websites have different patterns of the online application form. But all of them ask for the same general information about the applicant. If you are applying via Tourist Visa Online, here is the application form with the required details. All the application forms basically have four easy steps.

As you can see in the above picture, there are those four steps:

  • Personal Details
  • Passport Details
  • Address Details
  • Upload Documents
  • Then you have to pay online.

Then you have to select your destination, which is “Georgia” in this case. Next you have to choose your citizenship country and living country. Finally you need to choose your visa type, based on your purpose of visit. 

Personal Details:

You have to provide all your personal details, and fill the above columns which are:

    • Given name (Applicant's first name as per the passport)
    • Surname (Applicant's surname as per the passport)
    • Father's name
    • Mother's name
    • Date of birth
    • National ID card (Depending on your own country)
    • Gender
    • Marital status
    • Email Id
    • Alternate Email Id
    • Mobile dialing code (Depending on your own country)
    • Mobile number
    • WhatsApp dialing code
    • WhatsApp number or Alternate mobile number
    • Profession
    • Educational details

Those are the basic personal details you have to provide. Please try to keep proper evidence as per your provided details, especially on your arrival in Georgia.

Passport & Travel Information:

So in this column, you need to provide your passport and travel-related few details, those are:

    • Passport Number
    • Passport Type
    • Passport Date of Issue
    • Passport Date of Expiry
    • Date of Arrival
    • Date of Departure
    • These are some basic requirements you have to provide.
    • Permanent Address:

Now you have to provide a few details about your permanent address.

    • Address 1
    • Address 2 (It's not required if your second address is the same as the first one.
    • City
    • State
    • Country
    • Postal code
    • That's all about this step.
    • Upload Documents:

You just need to note a few details:

  • If you have booked your flight and hotel already, then upload the documents with your application form.
  • If you are traveling with a minor, you must provide his/her birth certificate.
  • In those above cases, you need to click “Upload More Files”.
  • Now you need to upload a few documents as proper evidence.
  • Applicant's Passport (in Png, Jpg, Jpeg, Pdf format)
  • Applicant's Current Photograph (in Png, Jpg, Jpeg, Pdf format)

So these are all about Georgian visa application forms. Now if you have to apply for more than one person, there's no need to go for another application, just click on “Add More Applicant”.

Few Important Details:

  • Though you have already got all the required information about the Georgia visa application process, still there are some basic yet important details you must consider for a safe and secure journey.
  • Your passport must have a validity of minimum 6 months from the day of your arrival and also two blank pages to get the immigration stamps.
  • Applicants can get a single entry or multiple entry visa but your visa should be based on your purpose of visiting Georgia and you may have to present proper evidence at the immigration checkpoint.

Please remember, on the checkpoint, you must need to present a few really important documents:

    • Hotel reservation
    • Return airline ticket
    • Health insurance
    • Travel insurance


Here are all the required details for the Georgia visa application process and how to apply for the Georgia visa online. With the guidance of Tourist Visa Online, you can get all your unsolved queries cleared up, just contact us at +91-8178767972 or via You can apply for a Georgian visa on Touristvisaonline

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