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Planning a trip to Georgia and looking for proper guidance? Georgia visa requirements are undoubtedly one of the most important prospects that you must consider. Georgia for its amazing beauty and peaceful atmosphere, become one of the famous destinations for the tourists. Though the visa policy of Georgia varies as per the country citizenship, the Government of Georgia handles it very strictly.

So, before coming here, you must learn about the necessary requirements in order to avoid further troubles while entering or traveling in Georgia. So here are all details about the requirements you need to know. Let's check it out.


  • Visa and Passport Requirements
  • Other Basic Required Documents for Georgia Visa
  • Some Specific requirements for Certain Visas
  • Time Required to Issue a Georgian Visa
  • Visa Fees Required
  • Conclusion

Visa and Passport Requirements:

To get an entry in Georgia the two most important things you require are visa and passport. 


The easiest way to get a visa totally online is to apply for a Georgia e-visa. To apply for a visa online you need to provide certain documents online. Those are:

  • Photocopy of your passport (in Png, Jpg, Jpeg, Pdf format)
  • New current photograph (in Png, Jpg, Jpeg, Pdf format)

After getting the visa, try to keep it safe. A damaged visa can lead you to go through unwanted troubles.


Another most important document is the passport which needs to maintain the following criteria:

  • It must have a validity of minimum 6 months onwards, from the day of your arrival in Georgia.
  • It should contain at least two blank pages to get the immigration stamp from the border checkpoints while arriving or departing.
  • Passport should be in a proper undamaged state.

Other Basic Required Documents for Georgia Visa: 

There are some really specific and important documents, other than a visa or a passport that you always need to provide as proper evidence while applying for a Georgia visa. Those are: 


You have to provide 2-3 of your current photographs in passport size.

Travel Insurance:

It's really important to have travel insurance to visit Georgia. And the validity period of the insurance must be longer than the duration of your stay in Georgia.

Hotel Reservation Documents:

You must need to present at least a single copy of your hotel reservation that you may have applied online with paid or unpaid status. Just print out the copy and show it at the border checkpoint.

Airplane Tickets:

The airline tickets of your arrival or departure that you have applied online. You need to present those tickets at the border checkpoints for the visa verification.

Bank and Tax Documents:

You must carry a bank statement of the previous 6 months and a copy of income tax return documents as legal evidence.

Cash Money:

Yes, you need to keep enough money as cash with you like almost $100 per day. The ATM machine or the credit or debit card facilities are not much available in Georgia.

Never ever think about using any invalid, fake, or duplicate documents if the real one is not valid or eligible. It can lead to your Georgia visa rejection or refusal or even you can end up in jail.

Some Specific requirements for Certain Visas:

Though some certain visas types require some specific information and evidence for the visa approval. But remember, all the applicants must have to provide those above-written documents and these specific requirements are additional. Like:

Business Visa:

In this case, the applicant must have to present the invitation or employment letter from a certain organization or company of Georgia.

Medical Visa:

For a medical visa, one needs to provide the reference letter from his/her own country and the letter from the hospital of Georgia accepting the application for medical check-up or treatment. Try to bring other evidence which proves the patient's medical condition.

Transit Visa:

In this case, you must need to provide enough evidence which proves you are just using Georgia as a medium to reach your final destination, such as your airline tickets. Remember, with a transit visa you can't stay for more than 3-5 days.

Those types of visas basically require these kinds of evidence to prove the purpose of visiting Georgia.

Time Required to Issue a Georgian Visa:


Visa Application Time:

It basically depends on where and how you are applying for the visa. If you are applying online, from any website, you can ask them and hopefully, they will provide you all the information. But if you are applying via us, Tourist Visa Online it will take around 10-15 minutes by using our easiest Georgia visa application process

Visa Processing Time:

With Tourist Visa Online, the whole visa processing takes around 3-5 days. But with our express visa services, you can get the Georgia e-visa even in less than 48 hours. Secure online transactions and fast forward visa service are our responsibility.

Visa Fees Required: 

  • Georgia provides you a really cheap visa policy. All you have to pay is $20 as the visa fee and around $26 as a service fee, so $46 in total but the rate is not stable, it can always vary. 
  • But if you belong from any of the Georgia visa-free countries, you don't need to obtain any visa.


All the details about requirements for the Georgia visa have been already described above. If you still have any unsolved inquiries, please contact us: +91-8178767972 or 100% lowest visa fee and totally safe and secure online payment are undoubtedly our guarantee. We are 24/7 available just for helping you out in any situation. 

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