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Georgia Visa Free Countries Sometimes Called as Visa Exempt Countries in Which the Following Countries Can Enter Georgia Without a Visa Along With Some other Mandatory Documents such as flight ticket, Passport, etc.

Georgia being one of the most beautiful and pleasant counties among Eurasia, attracts many tourists each and every Georgia also provides a well-modified visa policy with different types of visa facilities to all the foreigners. But there are some certain countries who can visit Georgia without any visa. Isn't that an amazing fact? So any travelers with foreign origin out there, already planning for a trip to Georgia? Well, you can also be a citizen of any of those visa-free countries and definitely you can also be one among those lucky citizens who can travel and explore Georgia and get the best facilities.

So what are you waiting for? Let's check out the list of visa-free countries for Georgia and also explore the requirements and facilities.


  • List of visa-free countries
  • Specific details - one must consider
  • Requirements for the visa-free countries
  • Conclusion

List of visa-free countries:

So here is the list of the 94 certain countries whose citizens can visit Georgia without using any visa. 

Australia Austria Azerbaijan Albania  Andorra Antigua  Argentine New Zealand Barbados US
UAE Bahrain Bahamas Belarus Belgium Belize  Bosnia Botswana Brazil Brunei
Bulgaria Germany Denmark Faroe Islands Greenland UK Ireland Bermuda Cayman Islands British Virgin Islands
Falkland Islands Turks and Caicos Islands Iceland Japan Turkmenistan Turkey Estonia Spain Ecuador El Salvador
Dominica Guernsey Isle of Man Israel Italy Canada Qatar Cyprus Colombia Korea
Costa Rica Latvia Lithuania Liechtenstein Luxembourg Mauritius Malaysia Malta Mexico Monaco
Moldova Montenegro Aruba Norway Oman Panama Poland Romania Russia South Africa
San Marino Saudi Arabia France French Polynesia New Caledonia Seychelles Saint Vincent Serbia Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia Armenia Thailand Tajikistan Uzbekistan Ukraine Hungary Finland Kuwait kyrgyzstan
Kazakhstan Sweden Czech Republic Croatia Honduras Switzerland        

So if you are from any of these countries then what are you worrying about? Pack your bags and fly over Georgia with the required documents. You don't need any visa to enter and visit this country.

Specific Details - One must consider:

  • If you are from any of these countries which means you are entering Georgia without any visa, you can stay up to 365 days in this country.
  • If you are a member of Georgian diaspora who is known for those citizens of countries that require a visa and refugee status holders in Georgia also don't need to obtain any visa to travel in Georgia.
  • This visa-free system is also applicable for the diplomatic or official passport holders of some certain countries which are: 
China Egypt Guyana Iran Indonesia Peru

But if you are not from these countries then you need to get a visa to enter into Georgia.

  • United Nations (UN) Laissez-Passer holders also don't require any visa. They can stay in Georgia for 1 year without any visa.
  • You must note, with this visa-free system you can stay here for only one year because it's for short term stay. But if you are planning to stay here for longer then please don't go with your nationality, just apply for the immigration visa.

Requirements for the visa-free countries:

If you are a citizen of those 94 countries or among the above categories, you need to provide some documents to prove yourself.

  • Proper identity card with photo id proof to prove that you are really a citizen of that specific country.
  • If you are from the above-mentioned categories then you have to present your diplomatic or official passport of those certain countries or Laissez-Passer passport or proof as a member of Georgian diaspora or your refugee status evidence.
  • Your active passport with a validity of 6 months.


If you fall under the category of citizens of Georgia visa-free countries, you can easily visit this place without any visa. But if you are not under all these categories then you have to get a visa to enter here. To apply for a Georgian visa online.

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