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Georgia visa for Cape Verde national is required if they are planning to visit the country for any reason. Cape Verde nationals will need visas for Georgia for short-term and long-term visits also. Cape Verde nationals have to get visas according to the reason for our or visit to Georgia. The Georgia policy for visa rule states that there are specific classes of visas with a view to practice to the occasion and the purpose. Whether the Cape Verde citizens are making plans to move on to the country for a longer period. Or they are planning a visit or live there permanently must get the specific Georgian Visa accordingly. The Georgia visa is needed for all foreign nationals and a few countries but some citizens no longer need it. Therefore, the applicant should check their nation eligibility before applying for a Georgia visa. 

Georgia e-Visa And Tourist Visa For Cape Verde Nationals

Cape Verde nationals willing to enter Georgia for vacation or travel reasons are eligible to apply for Georgia e-Visa. The Georgia e-Visa for foreign nationals is a short-time period digital permit that allows visitors to enter the country. The Georgia e-Visa can be acquired effortlessly for eligible overseas or foreign nationals. Tourists from Cape Verde have an opportunity to get a brief-time tourist visa without traveling to Georgian Embassy. The short-term Georgia e-Visa for Cape Verde national can be used for a 30-day stay. It means the stay validity on Georgia e-Visa for Cape Verde National will permit a 30 day stay inside the country. The visa validity remains up to 180 days to enter the territory of Georgia after issuance.



  • Tourist Visa Online-Cape Verde national can visit tourist visa online site for registration and application.
  • Visa type-Applicants holding Cape Verde passports will need to select the relevant type of e-visa for Georgia.
  • Application- Fill out an application for Georgia e-Visa in a few minutes.
  • Documents and fees- Upload documents, add more applications for Georgia visas if required, and pay Georgia e-Visa fees.
  • Georgia e-Visa- Cape Verde nationals can get it from their e-mail.

Documents Cape Verde national will need for Georgia Visa

  • Cape Verde Passport- If you have double citizenship then use the relevant passport for Georgia e-Visa.
  • Photograph- Colored Photograph of the Cape Verde application which should meet the photo specification of Georgia.
  • Email Addresses
  • Cover letter
  • Travel details and insurance of the applicant
  • Hotel reservation or other accommodation details
  • Carry sufficient money
  • Health insurance will also be needed


Multiple Entry Permit

The Georgia e-Visa for 30 days is a multiple entries visa for visitors from Cape Verde Country. Foreigners should have to give proper details and information to get Georgia e-Visa.


The Georgia e-Visa price for Cape Verde national is 100.0USD if you apply online. 

Processing time

The online application for Georgia e-Visa does not take much time. After the submission and payment, Cape Verde citizens will get the electronic permit within one week. 

Georgia Business Visa For Cape Verde Nationals

CAPE Verde nationals will need a business permit for Georgia to conduct business in the country. Cape Verde cab acquires a Georgia business visa in a few days by applying online. Cape Verde nationals will receive more than one benefit if they will travel to Georgia on a business card. The prospering market and emerging business sector of Georgia attract many foreign businessmen and investors. Cape Verde nationals will be allowed to visit the country for business-related work. The Georgia business visa can be used for 30 days, 90 days or 180 days stay in the country. Additionally, it also provides multiple entries in Georgia for Cape Verde nationals. The business visa can be obtained on the Tourist Visa Online site for the Georgia business visa for Cape Verde Nationals.

Additional Documents Required For Georgia Business e-Visa

The Georgia visa requirements should be maintained and fulfilled by foreign nationals entering the country.

  • Cover letter (including details about your journey and purpose of visit to Georgia)
  • Invitation letter (if attending seminar, conference, etc), exhibition invitation, or pass
  • Evidence of Income-tax return
  • Insurance for Travel and health certificate of the traveler (health status of the Applicant is the important document required if you are applying for a business visa)


When Cape Verde national will need a Georgia business visa?

  • Cape Verde national planning to visit the country for business meetings in the country.
  • Cape Verde Citizens are willing to attend client meetings, attend interviews, or plan to arrange their own company meeting in Georgia.
  • All other short-term business work, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc in Georgia.


The Georgia visa for Cape Verde nationals should be taken in advance by applying online and completing all the necessary steps for Georgia e-Visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time of the application form for a Georgia business visa is 7 to 9 days only.

Cape Verde nationals do not need to visit the embassy to get a Georgia tourist visa, they have an alternative option to obtain a Georgia e-Visa.

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