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Applying for a Georgia visa online? Do you have any idea about Georgia visa rejection? If you have any doubts while submitting any documents for the Georgia visa application then remember your visa can be rejected. There are so many reasons which can lead your visa to be rejected. Calm down! There is no need to worry! All you need is to keep a few things in your mind before entering or applying for a Georgia visa. If you are applying for a Georgia visa with us, Tourist Visa Online, we will provide all the information even before your visa verification, so you just have to maintain those things.

Here are some specific details that you must learn about just to see your visa from any rejection or refusal.


  • Reasons for a visa to get rejected
  • Things to maintain in order to save your visa
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Reasons for a visa to get rejected:

Firstly the applicant may think that there can't be any reason for his or her visa to get rejected but trust me, undoubtedly there are the reasons. As the authority of Georgia is really strict, even a slight dissatisfaction can make your visa rejected. But in case of these following things, there are 99% chances of your Georgia visa rejection.

Expired Passport:

In the case of passports, you need to keep one thing in mind that your passport must have a validity of 6 months from your arrival. If you carry an expired passport, your visa will be rejected.

Damaged Passport:

If while submitting your documents you present a damaged passport, the authority may not accept that. Even if the damage caused during the journey, still can lead your visa to get rejected.

Any Criminal Record:

If due to your fast or any current action, you got any criminal record that can cause a problem. In this kind of case, the treaty may think you as a threat to society and that can cause your visa rejection.

Lack of Proper Evidence:

While presenting all the documents for Visa verification on the border checkpoint if you lack providing any important document that may lead to your visa rejection or refusal.

False Documents:

Please don't even think about making this kind of terrible mistake. It is undoubtedly wrong and if you got caught not only your visa will be denied, you may end up in jail. So please be careful.

Insufficient Explanation of Visiting Purpose:

Well, you need to properly explain in detail why you are visiting Georgia. Even if you are coming for tourism or for business or to attend any festival or any medical purpose, that should be explained in detail. Without proper explanation, the authority may not allow your visa.

Invalid Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is one of the most important things for entering Georgia. If you don't have any travel insurance or using a fake travel insurance document or if you have travel insurance but that is not valid in Georgia, your visa can be denied.

Insufficient Money:

As the ATM or debit card or credit card facility is not much available in Georgia you need to carry enough cash with you. If the authority thinks that you don't have sufficient money and you won't be able to afford your stay, the government won't take a risk and your visa can be rejected.

Invalid Evidence:

Evidence basically depends on your purpose of visit. If you are coming for business purposes, you need to carry your employment letter from the organization of Georgia and in case of medical purpose, you have to carry the proper reference letter and a letter from the hospital in Georgia. If those evidence lack any information like the applicant's name or purpose or any specific details, then they are invalid and your visa will get rejected.

So these are the reasons which we keep on ignoring and that causes the visa rejection. 

Things to maintain in order to save your visa:

So in order to avoid these circumstances and save your visa from rejection you need to follow a few very important things which are described below.

  • Firstly you need to keep your visa and passport really safe and secure that they don't get damaged.
  • Properly explain your purpose of visit in Georgia with appropriate evidence which must be totally valid here.
  • Never try to use any false or duplicate document instead of the real one.
  • Try to get enough cash money with you, so that without using any ATM or debit or credit card you can afford your stay and journey.
  • Please keep your identity card with proper Id proof with you always.
  • Try to bring all your documents that are required for Visa verification. For more details about visa requirements click here: (add my article)
  • Try to maintain a calm attitude and speak friendly so that the treaty doesn't have any doubts about you.

So the above-mentioned points are some important details you need to keep in your mind to avoid visa rejection.


Q. Why did my visa get rejected even after providing all the documents?

A. Probably you have provided all the required documents but the authority must have found something unsatisfactory like probably any of your documents is invalid or your explanation can be insufficient or anything else. Just maintain the above points to avoid a visa rejection. Sometimes it also happens that the applicant may not qualify for the visa category.

Q. Can a Visa on arrival get rejected?

A. Yes, a Georgia visa on arrival always has a chance of getting rejected. Even if you carry a valid passport and documents, a slight dissatisfaction can cause visa rejection. So it's always better to apply for an e-visa instead.

Q. What is the difference between visa rejection and visa refusal?

A. Visa rejection and visa refusal both mean the applicant's visa got denied. In the case of visa refusal, the application has failed on the decision-making stage. But for visa rejection, the visa doesn't even reach the decision-making stage, it gets denied before that and returns to the applicant.

Q. What happens after a visa gets rejected?

A. After your visa gets rejected, even your passport gets a stamp stating so. Also in the future, it can cause a bit of problem, so you must be careful. For more information, visit

Q. How many times can I apply for a visa even after rejection?

A. Under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), there's no specific number or rule for that. You can apply for the visa immediately after the rejection, no need to wait. You can apply whenever you want.

Q. How would I know that my visa got rejected?

A. If there is no visa stamp attached with your passport that means your visa is rejected. Sometimes a stamp of visa rejection can be attached with your passport.

Q. How can I know if my visa is approved?

A. You will know if your visa is approved only after getting your passport back. Just flip the pages of the passport and you will find a visa printed on any of the pages. If your visa is approved, hola! you are ready to travel!


Hopefully, you got all the doubts about Georgia visa rejection already cleared up. So be careful and Tourist Visa Online is 24/7 available just to assist you in any situation. 

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