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Georgia being one of the most desired tourist destinations provides all the travelers a very well developed Georgia visa policy with different types of visas. In this article, you will learn about all types of Georgia visas as well as the benefits of the visa policy. Georgia visa basically comes with a single entry or multiple entries and definitely with various validities. There are so many categories of visas that you can issue for any purpose of visiting Georgia. Planning a trip soon to Georgia? Then you must learn about the types of visas in Georgia visa policy with all the details. So let's go ahead and check it out!


  • What is the Georgia visa policy?
  • Different Types of Georgia Visa
  • Basic Details
  • Conclusion

What is the Georgia visa policy?

Generally, most foreign citizens need to obtain a visa to enter Georgia. Georgia provides officer policy with various types of visas at a really cheap cost. According to this policy, there are 98 countries that don't require any visa to enter Georgia. Other countries need to obtain a visa following certain requirements.

Different Types of Georgia visa:

In the Georgia visa policy, you can find various kinds of visa depending on your purpose of visiting Georgia. So you really need to choose the visa type carefully as per your own purpose. Here is the list of the categories:

Diplomatic Visa (A):

Diplomatic visa also comes with 5 different categories. Those are

A1 Category Visa: Generally it is issued by the high-class foreigner official and executive authorities including their family members who are coming for any official or unofficial purpose.

A2 Category Visa: Generally employees with diplomatic status and equivalent missions or consular officers including their families or employees who represent the company internationally with the main organization being situated in Georgia, can hold the diplomatic status and apply for an A2 category visa.

A3 Category Visa: Usually issued by diplomatic couriers and individuals.

A4 Category Visa: This category is generally issued for the honorable foreigner consuls with their families.

A5 Category Visa: This visa can be issued by official or business passport holders but even ordinary and diplomatic passport holders can use this if they are coming for various nationally important missions for Georgia or for work-related purposes respectively.

Special Visa (B):

Special Visa comes with 4 different types that can be issued for various purposes. Like:

B1 Category Visa: Generally foreign delegation members or service passport holders coming for work purposes with their families can apply for the B1 category visa.

B2 Category Visa: Its purpose is kind of the same compared to A2 so a person accompanying an A2 visa holder can apply for the B2 category. Usually, employees coming for various foreign diplomatic missions like administrative or official or technical or service and employees and staff of consular offices with their families can apply for this one.

B3 Category Visa: For those people who are coming here under international bilateral and multilateral treaties of Georgia, or foreign members of peacekeeping forces, and even deployed members of other military contingents under an international treaty and their family members can travel to Georgia using this visa.

B4 Category Visa: Foreign members of various missions under the national interest of Georgia can get this facility.

Ordinary Visa (C):

Ordinary visas also can be of 4 different types for different purposes. Let's get a clear concept:

C1 Category Visa: It's basically issued for the persons coming for tourism purposes in Georgia.

C2 Category Visa: Generally people visiting their family or friends or freelancers can apply for this facility.

C3 Category Visa: This visa category can be issued by the person coming to hold any business meeting or participants of different workshops, seminars, conferences, research programs, cultural events or sports tournaments or even for journalistic purposes. 

C4 Category Visa: People who are arriving in Georgia for charity activities or to assist any patient or people in critical & life-threatening conditions or for medical check-ups and treatments or to attend any relative's funeral or visit graves can apply for this visa category. Even the guardians and parents can apply for this facility.

Immigration Visa (D):

Immigration visa also has 5 different categories, those are –

D1 Category Visa: For some work-related purpose or to represent, consult, or promote any company to work with any association in Georgia or for any foreigner related contract work, this visa can be issued. As per the Law of Georgia, one can apply for this visa to carry out any entrepreneurial activity as well.

D2 Category Visa: Generally people coming to attend any cultural or educational or any sports event, freelancers and for any charitable work or to volunteer or as an intern or as press worker or journalist to carry out the professional work can apply for this visa type.

D3 Category Visa: People coming for study-related purposes like for study or research in any institutes of Georgia or to be a part of international educational programs can issue this category of visa.

D4 Category Visa: Generally issued for family reunification in Georgia.

D5 Category Visa: Under the procedure of legislation of Georgia, this visa can be issued by the person who owns a real estate property within the territory of Georgia that must have a minimum value of USD 100000 or more and the family members.

Transit Visa (T): 

You just need to prove that you are using Georgia just as a third country or medium on the way to reach your final destination. Remember this visa category only allows you to stay for a maximum of 4 days in Georgia and you need to provide both of your arrival and departure airline tickets.

Basic Details:

If you are applying for a Georgia visa there are few things you must need to learn about in order to enjoy a safe and trouble-free trip here. 

  • One must choose the visa type as per his/her purpose of traveling to Georgia. As Georgia visa policy is really strict you need to prove your purpose with proper evidence. If your evidence doesn't match with your visa type, you can get into trouble.
  • These visa types generally come with single or multiple entries. If you are applying for 30 days e-visa then within the valid duration of 120 days, you can enter here multiple times. But remember your stay duration should not exceed more than 30 days. But if you are applying for 90 days e-visa, then remember it comes with only a single entry. So within the duration of 180 days, you can enter only once and stay up to 90 days but once you leave this country you can't enter with the same visa onwards.
  • One must follow visa requirements soulfully, any wrong, invalid, or fake evidence or information can cancel your visa. So be careful.
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