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  The lush green country filled with historical monuments with mind-blowing architecture. The country is situated between Asia and Europe. The country houses several attractions including the world of coca-cola, where you can see the history and emergence of the popular soft drink.

Due to so many things to do and so many places to visit in this beautiful country, sometimes, people tend to stay for a bit longer and explore a little more. If something like this happens, they may need a Georgia visa renewal or extension. Read this article to find out more.


A visa renewal or extension basically allows a person to stay in the country for some more days without paying any penalties. It is extremely important to get the visa extended and not overstay and break the country’s rules and regulations.

The Georgia visa online can be extended for a short period of time for the diplomatic passport holders, the D3 and D5 immigration visas, only if the applicant meets the requirements needed for them.

The individuals who enter the country for research purposes in a renowned university, or the students who are enrolled in the international study program can also extend their D3 immigration visas. However, the extension is only made possible for a period of three months only, and they will have to leave the country immediately after that.

The reception of the extension must be approved by the government of Georgia. After the approval, special visas are allowed to the applicant, only under special circumstances. The documentation reception for the D3 and D5 immigration visas must be attended at the public service hall or the Agency, or by the ministry of foreign affairs of the country.

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Citizens of all the countries need to possess a valid visa before entering the country. There are several Georgia visa-free countries that do not need to avail a visa. Those include the EU, GCC, and the EFTA countries. There is no Georgia visa on arrival countries, hence, all the other nationals except for the visa free ones need to apply for an e visa beforehand.

The citizens of Kosovo, Taiwan, and Palestine are banned to transit or enter the country. However, if they hold a valid residency in the GCC nations, they can avail the visa on arrival upon entering the airport.


There may be several reasons why a visa application may get rejected. The main reasons are mentioned below:

  •         If a person does not have the documents that are required.
  •         If a person is banned from entering the country due to any amount of fine that has not been paid by him/her for living unlawfully in the country for a certain period of time.
  •         If a person has submitted false or incomplete documentation. This also applies to when someone makes use of a document in a wrong way to get their visa extended by the ministry of foreign affairs.
  •         If a person does not possess travel insurance, or he or she does not have sufficient funds in his/her account for financial support.
  •         If the person’s stay in the country is not accepted due to political or safety reasons.
  •         If the authorities get suspicious that they will stay in the country with unlawful means.
  •         If a person refuses to disclose his/her identity and gives false information.
  •         If a person, during his/her stay in the country performs a crime, violates the country’s rules and regulations, or abuses the authorities.
  •         If the person has been given restricted entry into the country due to several reasons.

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When the visa issuing authority makes the decision of rejecting/revoking the visa, the applicant gets 10 days to file the appeal. The appeal as well as the application form that is needed to be filled should be filled in the Georgian language. If you are unaware of the language, you can submit the appeal as well as the application in a foreign language for translation to the authorities.

To file the appeal for Georgia visa rejection, these criteria should be met:

  •         The person filing the appeal should be an adult
  •         If the applicant is a minor, one of the parents or guardians should be present with them
  •         A representative of the applicant who holds a power of attorney should also be present there with them.

 The government recently also announced that it will let the foreigners stay in the country till July 31st, whose visas have expired and are stranded due to the current lockdown. This basically means that the non residents of the country, who were stranded on march 14 can stay in the country for some more time without having to pay any fines or penalties.

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There are plenty of reasons why you should visit this beautiful country. Along with the beautiful landscapes, the country offers much more to its tourists. Look at the reasons below:

  •         The locals treat the foreigners with due respect and love. They believe that the guests are sent from God and they constantly try to keep their guests happy and merry. This is the reason why this country is also known as the hospitable nation. They take care of their guests everywhere they go and provide them with world class treatment.
  •         The cuisine of this country is unique and mouth watering. It is quite diverse and you will have a wide variety of food to try from. If you are a foodie, this country would be a perfect place for you to visit and try on some new dishes.
  •         You will find amazing natural beauty around the country. The country houses all kinds of climate zones, like deserts, ski resorts, alpine zones, black sea coast, and so much more. You will get to experience the all in one fun while being in the country.
  •         The tour will not pinch your pockets. The country is budget friendly and you will not have to spend more money while traveling here. Most of the places that you will visit are ticket free.

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Q. What is the Georgia e visa processing time?

The visa gets processed in 5-7 business days. However, if you are in a hurry and want your visa earlier, you can opt for our express visa service. We provide visas in just 48 hours without any delay.

Q. Is Georgia safe to travel?

Yes, the country is extremely safe to travel. However, there are several travel precautions that you need to follow to anywhere you travel across the globe. Hence, make sure that you are applying them right, and stay safe in the country.

Q. How can I check the status of my application online?

For the Georgia visa status check online, follow these simple steps:

  •         Open the website and go to the track visa status option on the screen.
  •         Enter your application ID
  •         You will be able to see the status thereafter. 

The perfect travel paradise should be visited by every travel freak to taste the rich culture and heritage. With the knowledge about the Georgia visa renewal, the visa process should have now gotten even more informative and easier. So what are you waiting for? Apply for a visa easily on Tourist visa online, pack your bags, and get ready to fly to this amazing nation.

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