argenitna visa policy and type of visas and requirements

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How have you ever dreamed of having an adventurous and fun-loving trip to Argentina? If yes, then you should know how to apply for the Argentina visa. Before that, you must know something about Argentina that makes your mind blow away. 

Things to know about Argentina 

  • Argentina comprises the entire Southern half of South America. Covering an area of 2.8 million square kilometers it has reserved its place in the world's 8th largest country. 
  • Argentina is the country to have some of the tallest mountains of the world, along with the great and impressive waterfalls, and expensive desserts.
  • It has the land that is full of diversity in wildlife. You must travel to Argentina to make your life more adventurous.
  • Argentina is the land of wonders some are man-made and some are natural. from the beauty of the glaciers to the adventure of the skyscraping there are unlimited things to see in this great country.
  • There are unlimited reasons to tell why Argentina is in the list of the top tourist destinations in the world. 

Argentina Visa-free countries 

Argentina allows you to enter if you are a citizen of the below countries without the paperwork. The citizens of the below countries now just can apply for the online visa of Argentina to visit Argentina. This visa allows you to stay in Argentina for 90 days. Below is the list of Argentina visa-free countries. 

Any EU country Andorra Armenia Australia Barbados Belarus
Canada Costa Rica Dominica El Salvador Fiji Georgia
Grenada Guatemala Guyana Hong Kong Honduras Iceland
Israel Jamaica (30 Days) Japan Kazakhstan (30 Days) Liechtenstein Macau  (30 Days) *
Malaysia (up to 30 days) Mexico Monaco Mongolia Montenegro New Zealand
Nicaragua North Macedonia Norway Panama Qatar Russia
Saint Kitts Saint Lucia Saint Vincent San Marino Serbia Singapore
South Africa South Korea Malta Suriname Switzerland Thailand
Trinidad and Tobago Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United States Vatican City

If you want to visit Argentina and you are a citizen of the above countries you just need to have your passport that is valid for the next 6 months.

National allowed entering Argentina with their ID proof 

If you are the citizens of the countries below then you can enter Argentina just with your ID proof. You are allowed to stay up to 90 days in Argentina. 

Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Paraguay
Peru Uruguay Venezuela      

Nationals who require a Travel Authorization 

Before you enter Argentina you should apply for the travel authorization reservation from Argentina's diplomatic missions.

Kosovo Nauru Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Taiwan Tonga Tuvalu

Types of Argentina visit visa 

If you are interested to know about Argentina's visit visa then go through the below visas and check which one is required by you.

Argentina tourist visa 

It is issued to the foreign nationals who want to enter Argentina for exploring the beauty and have some adventurous trips.

Business visa Argentina

This type of visa issued to the foreign national is to enter Argentina for the business purpose or business meetings.

Argentina medical treatment visa

A medical visa of Argentina is issued to the people of foreign Nations who enter Argentina for any medical service for medical treatment.

Argentina media/journalist visa

This type of visa is issued to the members of the media of the foreign Nations who visit Argentina for certain media coverage or work.

Argentina Religious visa

A religious visa of Argentina is issued to those members who are part of any officially recognized religious community of Argentina or are Traveling to visit any holy place of Argentina.

Requirements for applying for Argentina visa 

If you want to apply for Argentina visa go through the requirements for Argentina visa given below. 

Argentina Visa Application Form

You can download the Argentina visa application form from our official website which can either be filled by hand or online. you have to share it after filling the complete information up to the best of your knowledge. Don't forget to sign it. 


  • Make sure that you have a valid passport for up to six months. Starting from the date of your arrival. 
  • Copy of your passport showing your details. Copy of both your previous and current visas.

Argentina visa photo requirements

  • With the following specifications:
  • Must be in the Dimensions of 4cm x 4cm
  • Must be in White background
  • It should be Colored
  • The photo should be Taken recently
  • the facial expression should be neutral.

Other requirements for Argentina visa

  • Your returning flight ticket.  
  • Proof of stable financial condition 
  • You can show a copy of your bank statement showing that you have sufficient balance to stay for 90 days.
  • If you have booked a hotel for yourself you need to submit the hotel booking reservations proof.
  • If you are invited by a family of friends in Argentina you can also submit a letter from them with the ID proofs.

Argentina visa fees 

  1. USD 101.00 is the cost of standard processing.
  2. USD 301.00 is the cost of express processing. 


Q. Is there a requirement for a visa for going to Argentina?

Yes, there is a requirement for a visa for some countries. but some countries do not require visas for traveling to Argentina. These countries are Visa-free countries.

Q. Is English spoken in Argentina?

 Yes, the people of Argentina speak high-level English. There is no need to worry if you are not aware of the local language of Argentina. 

Q. Is traveling to Argentina safe?

  Yes, traveling to Argentina is safe. you don't need to worry because there are very rare cases of crime.

Q.Which religion is practiced by the people of Argentina?

People of Argentina majorly practice the Christian religion. The survey shows that 74 % of people pray to Lord Jesus.


Argentina is the country to have the highest number of tourism. The country has beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and mountain ranges that are the major spot of tourist attraction. If you are also planning to visit Argentina then pack your bags as soon as you can because now there is no need for waiting. Now you can get your visa at the earliest you want by paying some special prices. Also, Argentina's government has created an online visa service through which citizens of a few countries can visit Argentina without a visa. Apply now for Argentina visa. 

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