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If you are planning to travel to Argentina. Now there is an easier path to get an Argentina tourist visa for Indian citizens. Argentina has now given excess to many foreign Nationals to get an ETA visa (electronic travel authorization). 



ETA visa of Argentina for Indian citizens 

  • ETA visa allows you to get an online visa rather than waiting to fulfill the paperwork to get a visa.
  • Argentina has issued a list with the name of 71 countries that are national and are allowed to enter Argentina with an ETA visa now. 
  • India is one of those countries which have been listed by Argentina for an ETA visa.
  • You can apply for your only Argentina Visa and now you can get it quickly and safely without standing in those long queues. 
  • If you have the ETA / AVE for Argentina shows you that you have a valid US B2 visa.
  • ETA visa also allows you to travel for tourism purposes only.
  • You will be required to submit your documents by uploading them in a file format for applying for an Argentina tourist visa For Indian citizens. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q. Which documents are required to visit Argentina with the visa?

A. Visa requirements for Indian citizens are given below:

  •   A valid passport: you must have a valid passport of India for six months from your date of arrival.
  •   US B2 / Schengen visa: for getting Argentina's ETA visa you must have a US B2 visa / Schengen visa.
  •   Travel Itinerary: you must have a complete travel plan from the time of your arrival to the time you come back to India that you have to show to the immigration officers while proceeding for Argentina.  
  •   Accommodation information: It includes all the information about your stay in Argentina so that they can know that you can sustain it in the country. 
  •   Payment Method: you can submit your payment either by your debit or credit card you can also use internet banking to make your payment.

Q. Do Indian citizens need a visa to go to Argentina?

A. Indian citizens require an ETA visa to enter Argentina. while you are exploring Argentina if your mind changes to stay more than you can go for renewing your visa for another 90 days. 

Q. How much time does it take to process Argentina's visa ETA / AVE?

A. Argentina visa processing time is given below: 

  • For standard processing, it can take around 16 working days.

  • Express processing can take around 13 working days.

Q. What are the Charges for Argentina ETA / AVE visa?

A. The Argentina visa fee for Indian varies based on the visa you are applying for:

  • For standard processing, you will cost around USD 101.00.

  • Express processing will cost around USD 301.00. 

Q. What is the maximum number of entries I can get through an ETA into Argentina?

A. The citizen of India Will is allowed to have multiple entries into Argentina through his ETA. 

Q. After how many days’ ETA/AVE visa for Argentina expires?

A. With Your Argentina’s ETA/AVE visa you can travel up to 90 days in total. 

Q. For how much time I can stay in Argentina with ETA/AVE?

A. You can stay up to 90 days in Argentina with your ETA/AVE. 

Q. Is Argentina safe to travel to?

A. Yes. Argentina is safe to travel to. There are very fewer chances of any violence in Argentina. 

Q. How expensive is Argentina for tourists? 

A. Well, Argentina is not that expensive when it comes to traveling. You can survive with $1000 in a month if you are alone. Depending upon your way of living your expenses may increase or decrease. 

Q. Are Things in Argentina cheaper than India?

A. Nothings in Argentina are much more expensive than in India. the prices of the products maybe 30% higher than the price of a product in India.

Q. How can Indians greet people in Argentina?

A. You can use the English language if you are not familiar with the local language of Argentina. 

Q.How can we say hello or hi in Argentina’s local language?

A. You can say “Hola” which means hi in English. 

Q. Can Indians get Argentina's visa with their US visa?

A. Yes, an Argentina visa for Indian citizens with a US visa. It is even easier to get Argentina's visa with their US visa.

Q. How much bigger is India then Argentina?

A. India is about 1.2 times bigger than Argentina. Approximately India covers 3,287,263 square kilometers whereas Argentina covers the land area of 2,780,400 square kilometers. 


  • If you are a citizen of India and have been dreaming for a long time to visit Argentina but one not able to get the visa because of those long queues.
  • We have got really exciting news for you now you are eligible to get Argentina's ETA visa just by applying online. 
  • You have to fulfill requirements for an Argentina tourist visa for Indian citizens and there you go.
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