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Going to Argentina is all fine unless and until you have all the documents required for Argentina visa being kept ready. If this is not the case then you need to know what is it that you need to fulfill the list of documents and how you will be able to apply for it once you get all of them in place. Hence Touristvisaonline will let you an insight on the same and will also help you out throughout the process when you apply for an Argentina visa. One thing that you can be assured about is not wasting much time on application and finding of the documents for an Argentina visa. This will hardly take some time leaving you to decide what to pack for your trip to Argentina as well!


Q. Do I need an Argentina visa to be taken if I am from one of the countries that have been enlisted in the visa-free countries list?

No, if you find that your country has been mentioned in the list of Argentina visa-free countries then you need not apply for a visa but however, it is important that you know about the documents as this will still be needed when you enter through the border of Argentina.

Q. What are the documents that will be required when applying for an Argentina visa?

The following documents are a must if you are to apply for an Argentina visa through a Touristvisaonline:

  1. A valid passport for application of an Argentina visa: You must be having a passport that has been issued under your name as this will be the basic requirement in the application of a visa. This will be required as you enter the details about your passport as well during your visa application. The passport that you have must also have a good validity period of more than six months or so.
  2. Information about the accommodation: Your information about the accommodation that has been booked in Argentina must be provided along with your visa application form.
  3. Argentina visa application form: Along with filling in the information, you will have to submit this application form with eth documents as well. This is supposed to be a completed Argentina visa application form which will be given as the base of your information.
  4. Travel itinerary: The places that you will travel to Argentina and the number of days you intend to stay in Argentina must be mentioned in this itinerary.
  5. The payment method which is valid: You must keep a payment method that is valid for the payment of your visa fees.
  6. Flight ticket details: Your fight ticket details about traveling to and from Argentina must be provided. This should be attached as a scanned copy.
  7. An email address: You will be getting your Argentina visa that has been issued under your name through this mail address. With all of these documents, you will be eligible to apply for an Argentina visa.

Q. Does a foreign tourist need to apply for an ETA before traveling to Argentina?

An ETA is needed only by those who belong to the United States and those who hold a Schengen area visa. This visa must be valid for about three months or more.

Q. Can I submit my application form for an Argentina visa even if I do not submit all the documents that are required?

You will be able to submit but the problem will be that your visa application request will be declined once you miss out on any documents that are required as a part of the application.

Hence with all the documents required for Argentina visa being available you can apply for a visa now!?

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