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Indonesia citizens have always been fond of traveling around the world. Are you one of those who love to travel and explore different places? Citizens of Indonesia mostly visit Argentina. We can also say that Argentina is a hub of Indonesian citizens traveling around. If you have also thought to visit Argentina then start processing your thoughts by applying for an Argentina visa for Indonesia citizens



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Frequently asked questions

Q. How powerful is an Indonesian passport? Can I Travel Argentina with it?

A. Indonesian citizens holding Indonesian passports can travel to 71 countries and territories on arrival without Visa. Indonesia passport is ranked on the 72 nd position in the World’s strongest passport list. Indonesia passport allows you to travel to Argentina on a tourist visa. 

Q. What is the process to apply for an Argentina visa for Indonesian citizens?

A. Indonesian citizens having Indonesian passports have to follow a simple process to apply for Argentina's visa:

  • Choose a destination where you want to travel.

  • Make your budget for traveling.

  • Check your eligibility criteria.

  • Book your hotel( as it is required in the process of documentation)

  • Book your flight tickets( arriving and leaving the country)

  • Apply online for Argentina's ETA visa.

  • Wait for our team to contact you.

  • Submit all the required documents through a mail.

  • Get ready with their credit card or debit card to make the payment. If you don't have one, get it as soon as possible.

  • You can also make the payment two internet banking or PayPal.

  • Wait for a period of 10 to 15 working days.

  • When your visa is ready our team will mail you with the attachment of your visa.

  • Download your ETA Visa and get a print.

  • There you are ready to visit Argentina. 

Q. How can I get a temporary residency in Argentina?

A. If you stay for more than two years then you are eligible to get the temporary residency of Argentina. But you will be required to prove that you are staying in Argentina for the past 2 years through a document. You can get a document to prove from the National immigration office. In this document, your past 2 years of travel history will be shown.

Q. What do you mean by ETA visa Argentina?

A. ETA visa Argentina means electronic travel authorization. The ETA visa of Argentina allows 81 countries to travel Across Argentina for 90 days without a visa. But for traveling to Argentina with an ETA visa you must have a valid US visa for six months. 

Q. What is an Argentina visit visa? 

A. Argentina's visit visa can also be called as Argentina's tourist visa or we can say it Argentina's ETA visa. There are different types of tourist visas for Argentina.

  • Single entry visa: Single entry visa is issued to the tourist who travels a single time. With single entry Visa you can enter and leave or Argentina only once

  • Multiple entry visas: multiple entry visas are issued to the tourists travel Argentina but Desire to enter and leave Argentina again and again. 

Q. I will be traveling from Indonesia to the US and have a stopover in Argentina. Is the Argentina Transit Visa required?

A. If you are traveling from Indonesia to the U.S. We are sure you must have a U.S. visa. For Indonesia citizens who are having an Indonesia passport and US visa are not required to have any Transit Visa Because Argentina has a list of 81 countries that can arrive without any Visa requirement if they have a U.S. passport.

Q. Is it possible to apply for an Argentina visa if I am an Indonesia citizen and staying in Finland on a business visa?

A. Yes, you can apply for an Argentina visa from anywhere if you are an Indonesian citizen having a valid Indonesian passport and a U.S. visa.

Q. Can I work in Argentina with a student visa?

A. If you have a valid student visa of Argentina you are allowed to work part-time along with your studies. But if you desire to work in Argentina after the expiry of your student visa you can apply for a work visa or employment visa of Argentina. 



Now Indonesian citizens can also travel to Argentina without any Visa. But as I have mentioned above you need to be careful about the requirements to enter Argentina with ETA. We are always ready to help you. So contact us to get your Argentina visa for Indonesian citizens. 

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