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Are you worried about where to apply and how to apply then you in the right place we provide the best visa services it is the feedback of our customers. You can apply for Argentina visa for Angola citizens here. Citizens of Angolan who have Angola's passport can travel across the 49 countries and territories without a visa or by getting a Visa on arrival. Angola's passport is placed on the 95th position in the world's strongest passports. 


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Argentina's ETA visa for Angola nationals

  • Do you know that Argentina now allows 71 countries to enter Argentina without Visa? Are you tired of trying, again and again, to get Argentina visa by applying in the embassy? Forget those old ways of getting a visa from the embassy. 
  • Now it is not difficult to get an Argentina visa for Angola citizens. Angola citizens can now travel to Argentina by applying for Argentina's ETA visa that allows them to stay in Argentina for 90 days and they can enter Argentina multiple times if they have applied for Argentina's multiple entry visas. 
  • Angola is one of those countries whose citizens can enter Argentina with a valid visa.



To enter Argentina with a visa you must have a Schengen visa or US visa that has a validity of more than three months or a minimum of three months.


Frequently asked questions

Q. Can an Angalo citizen get an Argentine passport?

A. If you are a citizen of Anglo and want to be a citizen of Argentina you will have to stay in Argentina for 2 years after applying for Argentina's permanent residence. 

Q. What is the maximum number of citizenship that Argentina allows you to have?

A. Argentina allows having dual citizenship. When citizens reside in Argentina they are recognized as Argentine citizens and they have to strictly enter and leave the country with their Argentina's passport if they stay for more than 90 days in the country. 

Q. In which language people of Angola can communicate in Argentina?

A. People of Angola can communicate in English language when they travel to Argentina. But if you find difficulty in communicating in English language you can hire a guide for yourself that will help you and will communicate with the in English. 

Q. What are the requirements of the photograph in a passport? 

A. Argentina visa photo requirements are given below:

●  Dimensions of your photograph should be 4cm x 4cm

●  Your photo must be clicked in White background.

●  your photographs should be Colored.

●  Your photo should be recent.

●  Your facial expression should be neutral.

Q. If I am in Argentina how many days would it take for passport renewal?

A. If you apply for the normal passport it takes approximately 30 days to get your visa after applying. You can apply for a passport renewal site but when you are applying for renewing your Argentina's visa it will take approximately 2 or 3 weeks to get your passport renewed. Don’t forget to take your passport application print.

Q. What is the procedure of renewing a passport online while staying in Argentina?

A. For renewing your passport online you can apply online on our website to get your renewed visa while staying in Argentina. 

Q. Which is the typical food of Argentina?

A. There is much typical food from Argentina about them are given below

  • Locro

  • Asado & Parrillas 

  • Empanadas

  • Choripan

  • Dulce De Leche

  • Faina

  • Milanesa

  • Provoleta

  • Humita en chala

  • Medialunas

Q. Can a couple travel to Argentina to spend their private time?

A. Yes, a couple from any of the countries which fall in the list of Visa-free countries can travel to Argentina for spending their private time without any problem. But for that, you need to apply for an Argentina ETA visa so that you can enter Argentina.

Q. How can a person immigrate to Argentina without getting a passport?

A. Well, there is no other option to immigrate to Argentina without getting a passport.

If you are thinking of immigrating to Argentina illegally then you might fall into a situation where you won't be able to handle things. It is illegal and a punishable offense to enter Argentina without getting a visa. I would suggest you not to do any such activity if you don't want to be in trouble. 

Q. Is it possible to get an Argentina visa if my grandparents were citizens of Argentina?

A. The thought of processing to get Argentina's visa if your grandparents were the citizens of Argentina may not work. In European countries like Italy and Spain, they give your passport if your family Heritage was from the nation. But if your parents are from Argentina then you can claim Argentina's nationality. 


Citizens of Angola are eligible to apply for an Argentina tourist visa just to make sure you have proper documents and efficient money to travel to Argentina. To apply for an Argentina tourist visa you must check the process of applying for Argentina's tourist visa. To know about the documents required and the process of Argentina visa for Angola citizens you can visit our website.

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