which countries need a visa for argentina

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There are always some of the places which are meant to be seen with your own eyes and not something to just experience through mere photos. One such place in Argentina. Diversity is not only geography but also in the rich culture and the wildlife seen is something you can feel and not only just seen by eyes. For such a good experience to be felt you always need to travel to the place by yourself, and for this to be done what is needed is a visa! But the question that arises is which countries need a visa for Argentina? Would you really need to have a visa in order to travel to Argentina or can you travel without one, to find out more Tourist Visa Online will be providing you with all the information that is needed.


  • When is a visa required to travel to Argentina?

A visa is required only when it has been said so, or else you can check the Argentina visa-free countries list to make sure you are a part of the visa-free entry list. If this is the case then that means that you need not take a visa to enter Argentina.

  • Is it not possible to have an entry into Argentina without having a visa being issued?

As mentioned this is possible only for those who are from visa-free countries. While those who are not from those countries will definitely have to take an Argentina visa issued under your name.

  • What are the complete requirements I’ll be needing for an Argentina visa? I’m going for two months and travelling from India?

If you are travelling to Argentina for two months then you will probably have to take a visa for a longer time period such as a 90 days visa. The requirements for the same can be given as follows:

  • Valid Indian passport that has been issued under your name and f there are others then they must have their own passport as well.
  • Two passport pictures that will be submitted for each person. The picture must also be taken by following the guidelines.
  • A hotel booking that you have done in Argentina. This can also be replaced by any sponsors’ address where you will be staying for the duration of the visit.
  • Flight tickets which have been booked to and from Argentina must also be scanned and submitted along with your application form
  • You must also not forget about the application form that needs to be completely filled in.
  • Is there any need such as Spanish language proof for an Argentina visa?

When you apply for an Argentina visa form Touristvisaonline you will not be needed to provide proof about Spanish language knowledge.

  • Are citizens of Azerbaijan needed to get a visa in order to travel to Argentina?

Those citizens of Azerbaijan who have a hold of the diplomatic passport are not required to take a visa to travel to Argentina while those who are having a normal passport will be needed to take one in order to enter the country.

  • Are there any specific requirements of balance for an Argentina tourist visa for those who have an Indian passport?

No there is no such limit for the funds that must be submitted but the proof that you submit if they ask should be updated.

So if you are still confused about which countries need a visa for Argentina then you can just check out the visa-free list and if you see that you are not one from the list then you will have to apply for one or else you can proceed to just have a flight ticket and travelling to your destination!

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