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A perfect road with an extensive countryside view but yet having an outstanding view you might have ever seen! Such a view might be hard to come across and can only be seen in Argentina. So why not plan a trip to Argentina! Well, there might be one thing you might have been thinking of when talking about a trip to Argentina and that is the Argentina visa fees as everything that a trip is all about is the money that you spend and the budget if you have any! So if you have any worries about those and want t know more, don’t worry as you will be deeply informed all about it by Tourist Visa Online and hence you can plan your trips all according to your own wishes!!


  • If I am a dual Polish/ American travelling to Argentina from the US will I have to pay a visa fee if I use my Polish passport?

If you are a Polish/American citizen then you can have free entry if you use your American passport or even the ETA given by the US government however you can not get a free entry if you use your Polish passport which means that you will have to pay the visa fees.

  • How much will the tourist visa cost if a foreigner wants to travel to Argentina?

You can have the tourist visa availed through Touristvisaonline at 75.0 US dollars which will be valid over a period of 90 days stay and the visa will be valid for about 180 days within which you need to use the Argentina visa.

  • Will there be any other fees that I need to pay when applying for an Argentina tourist visa?

Yes, there will be a service fee payment which should be done and will be notified to you when you go on for the payment.

  • Is there a fee that needs to be paid on a diplomatic passport holder’s visa to Argentina?

No there is no fee to be paid if you are taking a visa on the diplomatic passport as the visa is issued for free of cost which means you need not pay for it. This is however only applicable for those countries whose names have been mentioned in the list of visa-free entry.

  • Can I go back to Argentina if I have already overstayed on my visa and if I have a multiple entry tourist visa?

If you have overstayed your visa that means that the visa has been expired which means the same visa cannot be used to enter the country again. This means the next time if you enter the country you will have to apply for a new visa.

  • Will the embassy charge me double the price I pay at Touristvisaonline if I apply for a tourist visa?

Even though the visa fees are not doubled up, you will have to pay far more than the visa fees that have been mentioned as per Touristvisaonline’s site.

  • I am from New Zealand and want to travel to Argentina, but I have no idea whether I need to take a visa or do I need to pay any fees?

If you are from New Zealand then that means that you are from a country where you can travel to Argentina without having to apply for a visa and this also means that you need not pay any fees.

  • Is it beneficial to pay the Argentina visa fees through a Credit card or through Paypal or through net banking?

Due to an impeccable and thorough security system, you will be able to pay through any means that you want. It is all on you whether you want to pay through credit card, PayPal, or through net banking as you can also have more options being made available for you.

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