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  • Argentina has one of the world's greatest economies and opportunities in financial investment. Do you know about the Argentina visa for China citizens? If not then read carefully 
  • Now in the Republic of China, you don't have to worry and there is no need to wait for a couple of hours to get Argentina's visa.
  • Now there is no need to visit the embassy again and again to fulfill the documentation procedure. China is one of the 81 countries that are eligible to get Argentina ETA



  • Argentina ETA visa means electronic travel authorization. Argentina's government has taken the step to simplify the procedure to get Argentina tourist visa
  • Argentina is very popular for its great wine, Beautiful mountain range, marvelous waterfalls. Adventurous jungle, delicious food, and breathtaking Glacier lakes in the south of Patagonia.
  • Argentina is also quite famous for its beef meats.


Argentina speeds up to welcome an enlarging number of Chinese tourists

  • For the last few years, Argentina has been trying hard to attract Chinese tourists with the strategies and one of them is the “Hilton Huanying” Program from the Chinese word welcome.
  • With the search, it is found that in the year 2018 more than 150 million Chinese traveled abroad as a result of an increase in the income of middle-class families.
  • It has also been found that from the year 2011 to 2017 the number of Chinese tourists has increased rapidly taking the number higher to 60000 tourists per year.
  • To attract more Chinese tourists, Argentina has made the procedure to get tourist visas easier than ever before through Its Electronic travel authorization visa. 
  • Argentina has great potential to receive a high number of Chinese tourists in the upcoming years.
  • So it is developing strategies that can get the interest of Chinese visitors. 

Chinese tourist in Argentina

  • The Republic of China is a major source of tourism in Argentina due to which Argentina is taking major steps to increase tourism from China. 
  • Do you know Chinese tourists are known for spending the largest amount of tourism in the world? Because of the great efforts of the Argentina tourism program Travelers from China have efficiently increased 5 times over the last few decades. 
  • Do you also want to travel to Argentina? Then check Argentina visa requirements for Chinese citizens and follow the procedure step by step to get your visa now.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How many countries can Chinese visit without Visa? 

A. There is good news for the citizens of China that Chinese passport is Grant on the 72nd position in the world's strongest passports which makes it eligible to travel to 71 countries across the world. 

With a Chinese passport, the citizens of China can visit 71 countries by Visa on arrival. And there are some Visa-free countries also where you can visit with the Chinese passport.

Q. Can Chinese citizens travel freely?

A. Yes, Chinese can travel freely if they have proper documents and passports that make them eligible to travel across different countries. There are no such restrictions on traveling of Chinese citizens if they have a Chinese passport. An individual is free to travel as he is the master of his own life.

Q. Do Chinese passport holders require a visa to visit Argentina?

A. Chinese passport holders require Argentina’s ETA to visit Argentina for tourism purposes. There is no such requirement of a visa if you have a Chinese passport.

Q. What is the procedure to get Argentina's tourist visa from China?

A. There are a few simple steps that you need to follow to get your Argentina's tourist visa if you are a citizen of China.

Step 1- Apply for Argentina's ETA visa on

Step 2- You will have to submit the required documents by uploading them on our website.

Step 3- You have to submit Argentina's ETA visa fees.

Step 4- You will get your Argentina's ETA visa in the next 10 to 14 working days.

Step 5- Download your Argentina's ETA visa and there you go.

Q. Which countries need a visa for Argentina?

A. There are 87 countries that are eligible for Argentina’s ETA visa. If you want to know more about the countries that are eligible and the documents required follow the link. You can also check the types of visas for Argentina

Q. How to apply for an Argentina visa application? 

A. Forget those old ways of going to the Embassy to apply for Argentina visa application now you can apply for Argentina's visa application from anywhere. The only thing you need to do is search for a website. is the best option for it.

  • Fill your country name and the country you want to visit then you will see the required information for applying for an Argentina visa application and then follow up the steps simply. 
  • If you're finding difficulties in applying for Argentina's visa application you can contact our team that will help you to apply for Argentina's visa application.

Q. What is the minimum balance requirement for an Argentina tourist visa with a Chinese passport?

A. Argentina is an expensive country. You will require approximately 2 lakh in your account to visit Argentina. You will also have to submit the bank statement of the past 6 months while applying for Argentina's tourist visa. 


Now it's easier to apply for an Argentina visa for China citizens as it falls in the list of Visa-free countries of Argentina. Not exactly Argentina's visa, it is Argentina's ETA that you would be applying for.  

If you want to know the complete procedure of applying for Argentina's ETA, the requirements, your eligibility criteria, and types of visa Argentina provides you can follow the link of the article given below. 

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