Detailed Process of Ukraine visa for Suriname Nationals

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If you want to take a trip from South America to cold European regions then Ukraine is a good choice. We bring you this article on Ukraine visa in Suriname so that you can get well acquainted with the application methods before your trip.

There are several popular ways of visa application that you can avail of as an individual. Additionally, there are agencies like tourist visa online and other consulates that can also guide you throughout.

Ukraine is situated in the eastern part of Europe it is known for its history during the times of World War II as well as for its currently rocky relationship with Russia.

Apart from that the country also offers a treasure trove of places and things for its visitors to discover. You can visit the ancient-looking cities with their Renaissance square and castles at the top of hills in towns etc.

The country also offers some of the most beautiful parks and memorials for visitors to take strolls along the rivers. There are also beaches that provide summer solace to its tourists as well as small markets which sell wares made locally. You can also try the country’s famous traditional cuisine, passed down through generations.

If you would like to find out more about the Ukraine visa for Suriname nationals then read further below.



In 2018, the country’s government authorized the use of e visa portals to make international travelling convenient. However, there are only 52 countries on the government approved list.

You can open the tourist visa online page; enter your destination country and the country you are travelling to. Hit enter and find out whether or not Suriname is on the exemption list.

Once you have confirmed that you are indeed eligible then you must go through these Ukraine visa requirements for Suriname residents and make sure to fulfil them:

  • The person applying should not have a criminal record of any kind, domestic or international otherwise they stand getting rejected.
  • You must have a bank balance with sufficient amount to sustain yourself throughout the trip.
  • Your Suriname visa should have six months validity when entering Ukraine. If you are caught with an expired passport can lead to immediate deportation.
  • It is not at all mandatory for visitors to be vaccinated from Covid 19 when travelling to Ukraine. However, they need to have medical health insurance to get the Ukraine visa for Suriname nationals.
  • This insurance will be used to pay for your treatment in case you catch hold of the virus and need to be quarantined and hospitalised.
  • Lastly, It is very important for visitors to choose the right kind of visa before applying which is why hiring the services of a travel agent is always a good idea.


Application process

If you are going for the online Ukraine visa application for Suriname nationals, then you can either do it visa tourist visa online or the official immigration website of Ukraine. 

We have compiled a list of steps that you can follow (for when you are planning on keeping the trip short)

  • Open the application website and you will find the form on the top panel of the homepage; fill the form with the correct information as mentioned in your identification documents.
  • Attach the documents as mentioned in the list of Ukraine visa requirements for Suriname (they must be scanned and converted into a PDF)
  • After that you can proceed to make the online payment which will vary depending on the kind of visa you have chosen.
  • Lastly, you will have to wait for about 10 days after which you will receive it in your email. 

Apply Ukraine Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

An electronic version of the Ukraine visa for Suriname citizens will allow you to remain in the country for a period of 30 days as a tourist.

It will cost you $110 for the Ukraine visa application for Suriname nationals, which includes the taxes and service fees from an agency.

When applying for a business visa, you need to have a letter of invitation from the host company that you will be working for while in Ukraine.

Using the acknowledgement number emailed to applicants after submitting the application, they can check the status of using the services provided by tourist visa online.

Yes one of the Ukraine visa requirements for Suriname residents and all other applicants is that they have to submit the details of their returning flight tickets to prove their intention of leaving.

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