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All foreign nationals intending to enter Ukraine for any purpose should know about the entry restrictions of the country. Ukraine visa for Taiwanese need to be acquired to enter the country. The Ukrainian government permits around 70 nations in the world to obtain visa-free entry. Citizens of Taiwan are not eligible for visa-free entry to Ukraine. Taiwan nationals travel to Ukraine for purpose of tourism, business, investment, employment, etc. All the Taiwanese willing to enter for the short visit can receive the short stay Ukrainian visa. 


Ukraine Visa For Taiwan Nationals

Taiwan nationals are not allowed to enter Ukraine without a visa. The Ukraine visa for Taiwan nationals can be obtained either from the embassy or online. The latter option is better and convenient. Taiwan nationals do not necessarily need to travel to the Ukrainian embassy for visas. Taiwan nationals applying for Ukraine embassy visas will require to be present physically at the time of application. But, if Taiwan nationals are applying for e-visa then they are not required to be physically present at the time of application. There are several benefits of Ukraine's e-visa.

Ukraine e-visa for Taiwan nationals

Taiwan nationals wanting to enter the country for 90 days or less than 90 days can apply for a Ukraine e-visa. The immigration department of Ukraine initiated the electronic visa issuance for the more easy and fast process to acquire Ukraine visa. The Ukraine e-visa is a single entry visa for Taiwan nationals. The Ukrainian government considers only 50 eligible nations to obtain an electronic visa. The Ukraine e-visa for Taiwanese is issued for a short visit only. If Taiwan nationals are planning to shift to Ukraine for employment, work, etc then they should follow other entry rules. The Ukraine e-visa can be obtained if Taiwan nationals are visiting the country for the following reasons:

  • If Taiwan nationals want to travel to Ukraine for enjoyment, tourism, vacation, or leisure purposes.
  • If Taiwan nationals are seeking out medical treatment in Ukraine.
  • If they are entering the country for business purposes, meetings, etc 
  • Taiwanese visiting Ukraine for cultural activities, sports activities, science, and study.


Ukraine Visa Validity For Taiwan Nationals

The Ukraine visa validity for the Taiwan nationals is the duration the Ukraine e-visa will stay valid. The Ukraine electronic visa permits Taiwan nationals to stay in the country for 90 days. The visa can be used for 90 days after the issuance if Taiwanese apply for 90 days visa validity e-visa. The 180 days visa validity option for Taiwan nationals. 


Taiwan nationals have to pay a fee of USD 110.0 USD for Ukraine e-visa. The Ukraine online visa processing fee is USD 26.0 for Taiwan nationals. 

Steps for Ukraine e-visa

Taiwan nationals can apply for a Ukraine visa by following a simple process. Taiwanese can submit the online form for Ukraine e-visa by registering on tourist visa online.

  • Taiwan nationals should select their nationality, country they are currently residing, and visiting country which will be Ukraine in this case.
  • In the next step, the applicant should select the Ukraine visa type.
  • Taiwan nationals need to provide personal information, passport details, travel information, and more information in the Ukraine e-visa
  • Documents for the Ukraine e-visa should be uploaded which can be attached at the end.
  • Online transaction or payment of Ukraine e-visa.
  • The processing time of e-visa online application for Taiwan is 13 to 15 days. Applicants should check the status to get the information about the rejection or approval of the Ukraine e-visa.
  • The digital copy of the Ukraine e-visa will be sent via e-mail ID.
  • Taiwan nationals should keep the printed copy of the Ukraine visa to show it an entry point.
  • The final decision of entry to Ukraine will depend on the decision of authority even if Taiwanese have a valid visa with them.


Documents Required

  • Taiwan passport- It should have validity for the next 6 months with two empty pages.
  • Passport size photograph of the application wishing to apply for Ukraine e-visa.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds by Taiwan nationals.
  • A debit card or credit card to pay Ukraine e-visa.
  • Health insurance document.
  • Travel itinerary, invitation letter, or other documents related to purpose.
  • Return flight tickets


The Ukraine visa for Taiwan nationals is available online and it can also ve received from the embassy. A single entry 90 days Ukraine e-visa can be acquired on a tourist visa online webpage.

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