is suriname a safe country to visit

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Suriname, one of the poorest but the most famous country in South America. The nation is widely famous for ozone-friendly and green-collar services that to be served to its motherland, officially known as "The Republic of Suriname". 

Great place to attain inner peace and tranquil by staying far away from those polluted-noisy surroundings. The extensive spread of the ecosphere and wildlife will let you touch an immense variety of flora and fauna. Paramaribo is the country's capital and home of most of the country's population. Besides, you can confront, late 17th-18th century British architecture in the center of the capital. 

In terms of diversity, you can come across Indians, Indonesian, Creole, Javanese, Maroons, Africans, and Amerindians. But the dominating cultural group is Hindustani. Indians alone share the 29% population of Suriname which is far more than other nationalities. 

This imbalance of ethnic groups is due to the British slavery era. Slaves who bring from another nation to Suriname by Britishers were not sent back to their nation ever. However, the official language of Suriname is Dutch. 

But, of course, as it is located in South America, you might ask yourself if this country is safe to visit or not? While offering many escalating sights and a plethora of cultures and religions for you to explore, there are also some dangerous parts of Suriname too. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we will make a risk report and answer the question of is Suriname is a safe country to visit? So, let’s begin. 

Suriname is generally a safe place to travel. As every country have this issue of burglary and robbery, so as Suriname too. Most of the tourists travelling here have no problems and misadventures; however, you should be careful at all times, because the armed robbery, violent crime, and burglary often occur in Suriname.

The capital city Paramaribo is suspected as the Gordian knot especially after the dark. When it comes to shopping and monetary exchange here, robbery and pickpocketing are close to happening. That's why you should avoid displaying any expensive items on the districts. 

However, Suriname is not earmarked by any terrorist group and does not have significant enemies, so the risk of terrorism is quite low. The only thing you have to mention in your Suriname safety guide is the attention towards any suspicious events and being alert at all times.


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