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Visa requirements for Vietnam need to be fulfilled to obtain entry into the country. Vietnam which is a country in Asia is famous for its craft, artwork, and best place to visit for nature lovers. Tourist spot for nature lovers in Vietnam like Halong Bay (islands). Foreign nationals also visit Vietnam for other reasons like conducting business, research, study, etc. However, if the foreign nationals are not from the visa-exempted nation then they should get a visa to enter Vietnam. Vietnam visa for Malta national should need to be acquired for all kinds of reasons including tourism. 


Vietnam visa for Malta nationals

Malta citizens planning to visit Vietnam can obtain visas very easily. Vietnam provides a fast and easy process to obtain a visa for the country. Malta nationals do not need to wait for approval from the Vietnam embassy. If Malta citizens are applying for Vietnam online visa. Applying for an online visa to Vietnam is the best option if Malta national is visiting the country for a short duration. Vietnam online visa is an electronic visa that is easily attainable and used to enter the country with an official document. More than 80 nationals visiting Vietnam are eligible for electronic visas.

Malta nationals can acquire Vietnam online visa by providing the necessary details in the application form. The Vietnam online visa is valid for multi-purpose use in the country. Malta nationals will receive many benefits if they are entering the country with an electronic or online visa. Vietnam visa will be valid for tourism purposes, business purposes, journalism purposes, visiting purposes, and study purposes for Malta nationals. Malta national needs to provide relevant documents according to their purpose of visit to Vietnam at the immigration points. 

Vietnam tourist visa for Malta nationals

The tourist visa rules must also need to be fulfilled by the Malta nationals if they are visiting Vietnam. Vietnam visa for Malta nationals planning to visit the country for travel, leisure, and vacation is also required. Vietnam online visa is valid for tourism purposes. Vietnam visa for tourists is available online. Therefore, Malta Nationals can obtain a Vietnam visa for tourist reasons in less time.  The Vietnam online visa for Malta nationals for tourism will remain valid for 30 days. The online visa validity and stay validity for Malta national are the same. The Vietnam online visa is the single entry visa for Malta nationals.


Vietnam visa cost for Malta nationals

The Vietnam online visa cost for Malta citizens is only 50.0 USD.

Where to apply?

Malta nationals can apply for Vietnam online visa by opening the site Tourist visa online.

Documents needed for Vietnam online visa

  • Passport- Malta nationals should have valid Malta passports. 
  • Photograph
  • Debit or credit card or Direct bank transfer
  • Email ID


Vietnam online visa process for Malta nationals

The process of a Vietnam online visa application is very simple and short. The online application form for a Vietnam visa is available on Tourist Visa online. Malta national should have the scanned images of the document or the original passport while applying for a Vietnam visa online. Vietnam visa process will only take 10 to 15 minutes for the Malta nationals.

  • Select nationality as Malta and the visiting country as Vietnam. You will also need to choose the living country name to apply for an online visa.
  • The next page will contain the type of Vietnam e-visa available for Malta nationals. Malta national needs to select on 30 days visa for Vietnam.
  • Cautiously fill the online form for a Vietnam visa and write the same details as mentioned in your passport. 
  • Documents can be uploaded in jpeg and other formats. Malta national should not skip this step. Otherwise, the Vietnam visa form will be rejected.
  • Fees must be submitted to acquire Vietnam online visa.
  • Malta nationals can check the status of the approval or rejection of their Vietnam visa online. The processing time of Vietnam online visa for Malta citizens is 5 to 7 days only.
  • After the approval of the Vietnam e-visa application form, Malta nationals will get their visa on their Email ID.


The Vietnam visa for Malta nationals needs to be acquired for business, travel, and other purposes. The duration of stay should not last more than 30 days if they are visiting on e-visa.

Apply Vietnam Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

New rules state that foreign nationals need to leave the country and request for extension of a Vietnam tourist visa. It is not possible to extend the tourist visa in Vietnam from inside the country.

Bank statements will be required to provide evidence for sufficient funds. Malta national needs to present bank statements to enter Vietnam or other alternative documents for sufficient funds proof.

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