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The entry requirements for Norway nationals need to be maintained to visit Vietnam. All the visitors and travelers visiting Vietnam through land, air or water should need to know about the entry requirements of the country. The most important requirement to visit any foreign country is obtaining a visa for that country if they are not visa exempted nation. Vietnam visa requirements for Norway nationals depend on the duration of their visit to the country. Vietnam visa exemption nations are the countries that do not need to apply for visas for a short time duration. The short-term duration for a Vietnam visa exempted nation can be between two weeks to 3 months.


Vietnam visa for Norway nationals

Vietnam visa for Norway nationals is not needed if they are planning to visit the country for less than 14 days or 14 days. Vietnam visa for Norway nationals will be needed for a longer stay. Most of the Norway nationals travel to Vietnam for tourism purposes. Vietnam is the best place if they are seeking to stay close to the nature and vibrant culture of Southern Asia. Vietnam is part of Southern Asia and has natural spots, heritage, amazing cities, and dedicated towards art, therefore tourists and visitors visit Vietnam. Vietnam visa for Norway nationals can be acquired by reaching the nearest diplomatic office or by sitting in your comfort zone.

Vietnam visa exempted nation

Norway is the known visa-exempted nation by Vietnam. Vietnam visa exempted nation means no visa entry requirement. Vietnam visa for Norway passport holders is not required but certain criteria and regulations need to be followed. Vietnam visa exempted nation can travel to the country for business-related work and travel-related reasons. It means Norway nationals will not need to acquire for Vietnam transit visa. As the stay will be shorter. Norway nationals do not need to fill any online visa form for Vietnam. And will not need to pay Vietnam visa fee for two weeks stay in the country.

Validity- No visa requirement for Norway to visit Vietnam is only allowed up to 14 days. Norway passport holders will not be allowed to stay in Vietnam after completion of visa exempted stay. They need to follow the visa requirement rules for Vietnam to stay longer than 14 days. 

*Due to COVID visa exempted visit to Vietnam is not valid and currently not accepted for Norway nationals.


Other entry Requirements

  • Norway nationals must have their national passport at the time of entry in Vietnam. Norway nationals will not be able to enter if they do not meet the 6 monthly validity requirement of the passport.
  • Flight tickets and hotel reservations to confirm the reason to visit Vietnam. Invitation letter if traveling for business.
  • Sufficient funds to ensure that Norway nationals can take care of the expenses in Vietnam.

Vietnam e-visa for Norway nationals

Vietnam visa for Norway nationals will be needed after period of 14 days. If Norway passport holders are planning to visit for 30 days or less than 30 days then they can apply for a Vietnam e-visa. The Vietnam e-visa will permit Norway citizens to enter the country for a one-month duration. It is best for foreign nationals traveling from Norway to Vietnam to obtain an e-visa. Moreover, Norway nationals will not need to visit the embassy if they want to attend any meeting or do business work in Vietnam. They can use their Vietnam e-visa for business purposes. Multiple entries and single entry visa for Vietnam is allowed if Norway citizens have valid visas. 

Validity- The validity for a Vietnam visa acquired online by Norway nationals will allow a 30 days stay in the country. 


  • Vietnam e-visa for Norway nationals can be obtained from Tourist Visa online.
  • Open the tourist visa online site and select the Vietnam visa type.
  • Norway nationals need to fill in the details in the online Vietnam visa form.
  • Add required documents and pay fees. The Vietnam e-visa fees for Norway nationals is 50.0 USD
  • Receive the e visa for Vietnam sent to the Norway citizens e-mail account.



  • A valid Norway passport
  • The photograph which should be new and passport size
  • Email ID
  • Online mode of payment


Vietnam visa for Norway passport holders is not needed for a 14-day trip to the country. Vietnam visa for Norway passport holders must need to be obtained for more than 14 days of travel to the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the foreign nationals have a Norway passport then they can enjoy 14 days visa-free visit to Vietnam. 

If Norway citizens can apply for a Vietnam visa from the embassy if they want.

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