Online Process of Applying Vietnam visa for Hungary Nationals

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If you are travelling to South East Asia, then be sure to include the beautiful country of Vietnam in your itinerary. You can easily get a Vietnam visa for Hungary citizens and travel all over the country for a month to explore every nook and cranny.

It is the perfect place to find peaceful spots with all its Buddhist monasteries among the mountains and beaches. We are going to list all the kinds of visas you can obtain through travel agencies like tourist visa online or embassies etc.

Although the country has very pleasant weather around the year, the busiest months lie between March and April every year. Tourism in not just Vietnam, but also the entire world came to a halt after the covid 19 pandemic. However, slowly the governments are opening more and more places for the public with precautions and vaccinations.

Interested visitors can easily apply for the Vietnam visa for Hungarians and make a quick getaway. 

The country is known for its healthy and unique cuisine, topped with beautiful beaches and water transportation all over. You can check out the rocky islands, caves, Buddhist temples, local markets, museums and so many other exciting things. 

Continue reading the article further below to find more on how to get Vietnam visa for Hungary nationals.


Types of Visas

Depending on the reason for the trip, there are almost 20 different types of Vietnam visas for Hungarians available.

We have presented a list of the most common ones below, for applicants can go through them and discuss with their counterpart travel agents. It is very important to select the right kind of visa in your application form to avoid getting rejected.

  • Tourist
  • Business/Commerce
  • Student/Internship
  • Journalist
  • Investor
  • Diplomatic 


Application for an Approval letter

An approval letter is approved and sent out by the country’s immigration department. The applicants who intend to get a visa on arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports will have to carry this letter compulsorily. 

You can read some important features of the letter, below so that you can understand its importance better:

  • The tourist/visitor needs to apply for it online at least three days before the flight.
  • They will not be allowed to even board the flight without the letter.
  • This letter is one of the Vietnam visa requirements for Hungary nationals, who intend to get the visa on arrival.
  • Make sure that the details of the letter match with what is mentioned on your passport. The airport authorities can stop you from entering if there are any discrepancies.


Application for the Letter

Follow these steps mentioned below to apply and generate it online:

  • Visit the official Vietnam immigration website.
  • Pull up the application form and fill in all the details required for the Vietnam visa for Hungarian citizens.
  • Once the form is completed, you will have to make an online payment of $17.
  • It can take anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days for the applicant to receive the letter in their email.
  • Print out a hard copy of it and take it with you.

Visa on arrival

The visa on arrival option is the easiest and most hassle free option. The applicant does not even have to visit a consulate for the application. Although, they can hire a travel agency like tourist visa online to guide you through compiling the documents etc.

The traveller will have to present the Approval letter to the airport officials and they will stamp your arrival on your passport. 

Apply Vietnam Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

For standard 1 month and 3 months Vietnam visa for Hungary citizens, the fees are $25 and $50 respectively.

There are two types of single entry visas for one month and three months each. The visitor will be allowed to enter the country just once with a single entry.

It is not possible to get a Vietnam visa for Hungarians, if their passport has expired. The first step for the application would be to get your passport updated.

The official tourist visa online website provides a great service for applicants which helps them track the progress of their visa applications.

Getting approval letters beforehand are a great way to simplify your Vietnam visa application in Hungary process. The applicant will get the letter on the email which can then be presented to the airport officials in exchange for the visa on arrival immediately.

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