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Entry restrictions of Benin need to be followed by visitors and tourists willing to enter the country. The Benin visa for Reunion nationals is required to gain entry or to stay in the country. All foreign nationals holding Reunion passports intending to enter Benin for any purpose should be aware of the country's entry rules. The Benin visa for Reunion national is the travel permit or authorization needed to visit the country. The visa rules of Bening allow limited countries around the world to enter Benin without visas. Citizens of Reunion Island can also travel to Benin with a tourist visa. The Benin visa can be acquired online or from the embassy by the citizen of Reunion Island. The Reunion nationals applying for the Benin tourist visa do not need to be physically present at the time of the application.


Benin e-visa for Reunion nationals

Benin e-visa for residents of Reunion Island can be obtained online. The Benin e-visa is fast, better, and more convenient than an embassy visa. The Benin e-visa has several advantages. As it can be received online, the process can be carried online and the Benin e-visa processing time is 5 to 7 days only. The e-visa for Benin will be the electronic permit that will permit and allow Reunion nationals to cross the border or entry points. Any Reunion nationals wishing to enter Benin for 90 days or less than 30 days can apply for a Benin e-visa. The e-visa for Benin is a single entry or multiple short visas for the Reunion residents.

 The Benin government considers almost every country for Benin e-visa. The e-visa for Benin received by Reunion nationals can only be issued for a short-term visit. A long-stay visa for Benin can be obtained for the relevant purpose by Reunion nationals from the embassy. Reunion nationals can enter the Republic of Benin with e-Visa for tourism, conducting business, attending meetings, and transiting. The stay will be allowed for either 30 days or 90 days for Reunion nationals in Benin according to the type of e-visa for Benin. 


Type of Benin e-visa


Single Entry - 30 days validity

USD 81

Multiple entries- 30 days validity

USD 109

Multiple entries- 90 days validity

USD 138

Benin e-visa steps for Reunion nationals

Application forms for Benin e-visa are available and can be downloaded on a tourist visa online. Steps Reunion nationals will need to follow to receive e-visa for Benin are:

  • Reunion nationals must select nationality, the current living nation, and the visiting country which will be Benin from the drop-down list.
  • Type of Visa must be selected by Reunion nationals for Benin e-visa.
  •  The applicant holding a Reunion passport must provide personal information, passport details, e-mail ID, and other details for Benin e-visa
  •  Reunion nationals need to upload the required visa documents with the Benin e-visa application form.
  • Complete the online transaction or visa payment process for Benin e-visa
  •  The processing time for visa applications will be 5 to 7 days for Reunion nationals. 
  •  The digital copy of the e- visa for Benin will be sent on the email ID.

 The resident of Reunion visiting Benin must keep the printed copy of the Benin e-visa to show it to the authorities at the entry point.  The last decision to enter the Republic of Benin is dependent on the decision of the authority at the airport. 


Requirements for Benin e-visa

  • Reunion national original passport of the visitor traveling from Reunion to Benin. That must be valid for the next 6 months with a few empty pages for markings.
  •  Passport-size photograph for the Benin e-visa application form.
  • Email Address and online mode of transaction
  •  Proof of sufficient funds needed to be provided by Reunion nationals. 
  •  A debit or credit card to pay the price of an e-visa for Benin
  •  Travel itinerary
  • Letter of invitation (for business travel to Benin) 
  •  Return plane tickets 



The Benin visa for Reunion nationals obtained online is the short permit issued to visitors and tourists. To enter the Republic of Benin all foreign nationals must also carry a valid passport at the time of entry and exit.

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