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What better way to end your weekend by climbing a big hill and then watching the sunset or sunrise? Well, there is really no better way and hence it is a good excuse to go and see Benin, a country where you see the voodoo religion and its celebration in full swing! Even if you are new, don’t worry as they special arrangements which are made for the tourists which you can watch and enjoy! But before that, is a Benin visa for Cameroonians necessary? Well, the answer is not at all! As you can travel even without having a Benin Visa and hence making the trip an even more fun one to look forward to! Tourist Visa Online also makes it even more interesting with the advice on how you can enjoy Benin to the fullest!


  • Visas to Benin for Cameroonians
  • Rides in Benin to get around
  • Hitchhiking in Benin
  • Having water to drink in Benin
  • Weather in Benin
  • Language in Benin
  • FAQs

Visas to Benin for Cameroonians

Is a visa required? No, then what is required? You only need the following in order to travel to Benin

  • Cameroon passport issued under your name with which the Benin visa will be applied
  • Your flight tickets and hotel booking documents if any
  • Your yellow fever vaccination certificate

That’s it you can now enter Benin on a visa-free entry!

Rides in Benin to get around:If you are here in Benin you definitely need to try out the Zem ride. This ride on a motorcycle is like none other you have ever seen. Though the rides can be cheap it can be quite costly too, but you can easily negotiate to get a good value, all you need to be is just patient about the negotiation and you will definitely get a good price.

Hitchhiking in Benin: Another cheap and good way of enjoying your trips to Benin is by hitchhiking in a car. You will also be able to save a lot while travelling long distances easily.

Having water to drink in Benin: While it is safe to have water in Benin, it is much recommended that you buy your own sachet of water. It is also better to avoid drinking water in Benin from any open streams as there are high chances of bad contamination and getting sick will not be of any help during the trip.

Weather in Benin: It is really hot in Benin and hence having more water and having sunscreen will also be of great help. 

Language in Benin: Though there are more than 50 languages being spoken here, French is the main language and you will have an upper hand if you know the French language. However, even if you do not know you can bring along a book to help you get by.


  • How far is Cameroon from Benin?

There is a distance of 1, 125 kilometres between Cameroon and Benin which means that you will be needed to travel for a total of one hour and forty-eight minutes.

  • Is it hard to get a yellow fever vaccination certificate?

No, you can easily get the yellow fever vaccination certificate after you have undergone the vaccination procedures and submit it for the visa.

  • Is there a need for a visa if I have a transit stop at Benin while travelling form Cameroon to Europe?

No there is no need to apply for a transit visa if you are a national of Cameroon as the entry and stay both will be visa-free.

  • Will the immigration officers ask for a reason while entering Benin even if I do not have a Benin visa for Cameroonians being made available? 

Even if you have a visa or do not have one, you will be asked for the reason as to why you are entering the country only after which you will be allowed to enter the country.

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