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Apply Benin Visa Online But Before That Benin Has Some Visa Policy To Enter Benin. Every Visitor Travelling To Benin Should Know About the Benin Visa Policy so that you can Apply for Your Visa Smoothly. Benin, one of the most famous developing countries of West Africa offers a really well-developed visa policy, as it attracts lots of tourists every year. According to the visa policy of Benin, a traveller can apply both offline and online visas for different validity at a fairly reasonable price. The visas come in different types based on the purpose of visit and the duration of the stay. 

In this article, you will learn about different prospects of the Benin visa policy including different visa types, visa requirements, visa application and so on. And with Tourist Visa Online you can easily apply for your required visa at a reasonable price with the best visa facilities. So what are you waiting for! Here is everything that you need. Let's get started.


  • What is the Benin visa policy?
  • Types of Benin visa
  • Benin e-visa & the Application Process General visa requirements
  • Benin visa exemption
  • Benin visa processing and validity
  • Benin visa fees
  • FAQs 

What is the Benin visa policy?

Just like any other country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Benin has also introduced the modern visa policy of Benin. As per this visa policy, all the foreigners from The eligible countries except the visa-exempt countries need to obtain a valid Visa and passport to enter and stay in this country. 

The travellers need to follow all the requirements and rules & regulations very carefully and strictly in order to maintain a peaceful visit to Benin. You can get the visa offline from any Beninese diplomatic mission or online via applying through any online websites or travel agencies or via the government's official website. But remember to choose the visa type as per your purpose of visiting Benin. 

Types of Benin visas

According to the Benin visa policy, there are two main Benin visa types

But these two types also vary as per the validity and number of entries. In Tourist Visa Online, you can get - 

  • 30 Days Tourist Visa–Single Entry
  • 30 Days Tourist Visa–Multiple Entries
  • 90 Days Tourist Visa–Multiple Entries
  • 30 Days Business Visa–Single Entry
  • 30 Days Business Visa–Multiple Entries
  • 90 Days Business Visa–Multiple Entries 

Other than these basic visa types, you can also apply for the visa on arrival. Remember, it is really important to choose the perfect visa type as per your purpose of visit to Benin. 

Benin e-visa & the Application Process

The basic Benin visa which you can easily apply online is known as the Benin e-visa. One can apply it online by following three easiest steps provided by our website Tourist Visa Online: 

  1. Fill the online application form with all the general information required.
  2. Submit all the required documents.
  3. Now do the payment online. 

So after following these above-mentioned steps, your registration is now completed. You will receive an approval mail with the registration or application ID and after 3 to 5 days you will get your visa online via the same email you have provided on your application form.

General Visa Requirements

All the travellers need to fulfil your really important requirements especially when they arrive in the Republic of Benin. Like: 

  • Applicant's passport with a minimum validity period of 6 months from the date of arrival in Benin. 
  • The passport must contain at least one blank page to get the e-visa stamped on it.
  • A print out of the visa and the visa application form.
  • Arrival and return airline tickets and hotel reservation documents.
  • Evidence to prove that you have sufficient money to afford your whole stay in Benin.
  • One or two copies of your recent photograph. (Must be taken within last 6 months)

So these are the general Document required for Benin Visa all the applicants must need to follow. Though the visa-exempt countries don't require any visa, they need to maintain their own valid passport and other requirements. 

Benin visa exemption

The citizens of the eligible visa-exempt countries don't need to obtain any visa to enter Benin. There are a total of 56 countries who are eligible for the visa exemption. Those countries include all the African countries and Hong Kong. The travellers from any of the African countries can stay in Benin up to 90 days whereas the citizens of Hong Kong can stay up to 14 days. 

Also, the holders of diplomatic or official/service passports of Brazil, Cuba, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland do not require a visa and stay up to 30 days. 

Benin Visa Processing And Validity

According to the visa policy of Benin, each visa type has different validity periods. And with Tourist Visa Online you can get any visa within just a few business days. 

Benin Visa Processing Time: Generally we take around 4-5 business days to get your proceeds. But with our express visa service, you get the visa online within 48-72 hours. For more details, you can use contact us at

Benin Visa Validity: Basically all the visa differs as per the visa validities. You can get a tourist visa with a validity of 30 days or 90 days and with single or multiple entries or a business visa with again a validity of 30 days or 90 days and with single or multiple entries. 

Benin visa fees

Tourist Visa Online ( provides all the travellers best visa and travel facilities at a very reasonable rate, though all the fees differ as per the visa types. 

  1. 30 Days Single Entry Tourist Visa– 81.0USD
  2. 30 Days Multiple Entries Tourist Visa– 109.0USD
  3. 90 Days Multiple Entries Tourist Visa– 137.0USD
  4. 30 Days Single Entry Business Visa– 138.0USD
  5. 30 Days Multiple Entries Business Visa– 110.0USD
  6. 90 Days Multiple Entries Business Visa– 81.0USD 


Q. When should I apply for an e-visa?

A. As it takes a few days for the visa to get processed, you have to apply at least one week before your planned trip to Benin.

Q. For how many days can I visit the country on an e-visa?

A. It depends on the validity period of your desired visa type. But you can generally stay up to 30 or 90 days but not more than that without extension. US citizens who are coming to Benin can apply for a visa, valid up to 3 years.

Q. Does a child or a minor need a visa for the trip to Benin?

A. Regardless of any age limit, all travellers including infants, minors and the elder ones except the citizens of the visa exempt countries need to obtain a visa for a trip to Benin. 

So hopefully in the above article, you got a clear concept about the Benin visa policy. All the travellers need to maintain all the rules-regulations and the above-written requirements and application process to get a visa. You can explore more about each topic differently on the other articles. Keep reading and have a great journey to Benin. 

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