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Before travelling to Benin the most important thing you need is a valid Benin Visa which matches with your purpose of visit. But even before that, the thing you most importantly need to know is about the Benin visa Document requirements in detail. There are some basic types of visa requirements which are applicable for all the travellers but some searching 20 hours required specific documents that you must learn about before applying for the visa. Here Tourist Visa Online will give you a proper guidance about all the documents, evidence and information that is really important for you, in the article below. After that, you can easily Apply Benin visa online. 


  • Basic Visa Requirements 
  • Required Documents for Some Certain Benin Visas
  • FAQs 

Basic Visa Requirements:

For travelling to Benin, you must need to strictly follow all the important Benin visa requirements, to enjoy a safe peaceful trip. Let's get to know about what kind of documents and evidence you need to present to get your visa verified.

  • Visa: Undoubtedly the most important document that you need to enter in Benin is a proper valid visa which matches with your purpose of this country a visa on arrival is not always available so it would be better if you get the visa before your plan trip.
  • Passport: The second most important document is a valid passport with a valid duration of 6 months or more than your planned trip to Benin. The passport must contain at least one blank page to get the visa and the immigration stamp printed on it from the immigration centre. It would be better if you carry photocopies of the three informative pages of your passport and provide the authority if you get asked for them.
  •  Visa Application Form: Another one of the vital required documents to travel to Benin is a completely filled up application form with all the required documents you have been asked for. If you had applied why are online then you must get a printout of the whole filled up the application form and present it on your arrival to the immigration centre.
  •  Recent photograph: You need to provide at least 2-3 copies of your recent photograph in passport size or in JPG, JPEG or PNG format. These photographs must be taken within the last 6 months but not more than that.
  •  Aeroplane Ticket and Hotel Reservation: on your arrival to the Benin airport you need to show your arrival and return airline tickets to prove that you are not going to stay for too long here. If you have already booked a hotel or reserved any room, you have to show the document for the authority's confirmation.
  • Financial Well-being: Financial well-being is another one of the important criteria that you need to prove by showing you have enough funds and sufficient money to afford your whole stay and other plans in Benin. it would be better if you also present your last 6 months bank statement and income tax return files.
  • Family Details: In case if you are travelling with your family or any relative, you need to prove their relationship with you. Like, if you are travelling with your spouse, you need to show the marriage certificate. Other few personal documents that you need to show are- your birth certificate, marriage certificate, adoption certificate (if you are adopted or if you adopted any kid), divorce certificate (if you got divorced) and so on. 
  • Invitation Letter: If you are coming to Benin to attend any family occasion, marriage ceremony or funeral, you should show the invitation letter to the authority even in case you are coming to meet with any friend or so. 
  • Property Details: You can carry a few documents to prove that you own a property in your home country. This will ensure the authority that you won't stay in this country for a lifetime and soon return to your home country.
  • Letter of Your Purpose Of Visit: You should provide a letter describing all your plans including any business meeting or tour planning in detail, to give the authority a clear idea about your purpose of visit and your span of stay in Benin. 
  • For Non-US residents: People who don't obtain US passports, must provide a green card copy or I-94 form or US visa. So the above-written information just gave you some basic knowledge about your Benin visa requirements but this information can vary as per the type of visa you are applying for. 

Required Documents for Some Certain Benin Visas:

The travellers must need to remember as per their choice of Benin visa, the requirements can be changeable. There are some specific visa types which require some certain information and documents for the approval. Let's get to know what are those certain documents for your preferred visa type! 

For a Benin business visa: So the certain documents for the business visa are:

  • Completely filled up the visa application form.
  • Passport size photo
  • Scanned copy of the applicant's passport 
  • Copy of the flight arrival and return tickets 
  • Proof of vaccination (especially for yellow fever) 
  • A company business letter or invitation letter for any business meeting held by any organisation or company in Benin.

For a Benin tourist visa: Let's check out the certain documents for the Benin tourist visa. These are kind of same with the business visa time:

  • Completely filled up the visa application form.
  • Scanned copy of the applicant's passport
  • Copy of the flight arrival and return tickets and documents of hotel reservation
  • Proof of vaccination (especially for yellow fever)
  • A letter describing all your tour plans.
  • Copies of the round trip tickets for itinerary travel tickets. 

For visas for Nigeria, Ghana and Togo: Except the citizens of Britain, whoever wants to travel to Nigeria and Ghana, can't get an entry permit or visa from Benin. So you must apply for these visas before visiting Benin. If you are looking for a Togo visa, you can get it from the Togolese Embassy in Cotonou all from the Togo–Benin border.

For international organisation related or diplomatic visa: in this case, the applicant must need to provide:

  • A proper visa application completely filled with capital letters or a printout of it.
  • Passport size photograph. 
  • International certificate of vaccination, especially for yellow fever 
  • Folder grammatical photocopy of the whole round trip 


Q. If I plan to travel to Benin first and then after visiting another country can I return back to Benin with the same visa?

If you have a multiple entry visa you can easily enter into Benin after visiting any other country within your visa validity period. But in case if you can apply for only the single entry visa then you must get at least 2 visas to enter Benin for the second time.

Q. In case if I have a dual nationality including Benin, do I need to apply for a visa to visit Benin?

if you have a dual nationality including Benin, generally you don't need any Visa to visit this country. But you have to provide the Beninese passport to prove your nationality of venom.

Q. In case if I have not got my confirmed flight tickets, still can I apply for an e visa to Benin?

Yes, you can apply for a Benin visa even without any confirmed flight tickets but in that case, you need to inform us about the flight date and other details by emailing them to us ( But on your arrival, you need to provide the authority with your confirmed return airline ticket.

Q. In case if I am travelling with my child what are the documents I need to present for her approval?

If you are travelling with your child, you just need to get a separate visa regardless of age but she can travel with your passport. The documents you need for her are a copy of the filled application form, passport size recent photographs, birth certificate and other evidence of her being your child and any other supportive documents if you get asked for. 

So hopefully you got all the information regarding Benin visa requirements. Now you must follow them very carefully and don't even think about providing any invalid or fake documents unless you want to get in serious trouble. 

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